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Collaboration Made Easy With QuickBooks

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Do not have time to sit with your accountant as you are concentrating on building your business? With QuickBooks online, you can now collaborate with your accountant and auditor all at the same time, access the books from different locations, using multiple devices. QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software, and it allows you to add 5 users to your company account, so that you can pool resources together across the city, or country, if you are working remote. QuickBooks Online will be the perfect partner for your startup or a small or medium business, if you wish to scale up soon. It works just like the way your social accounts work on the social media. You will remain in touch with your business and colleagues, updating your financial records through multiple devices connected to your QuickBooks Online account. How QuickBooks Online Can Help You Collaborate Here are 7 reasons how you can communicate and collaborate on your business finances with your colleagues through QuickBooks Online (QBO): 1. Work Together On Same File From Anywhere: You can add a number of users with different levels of access to your QuickBooks Online account, and all of them can access QuickBooks account anytime, anywhere, by just logging in. Add your bookkeeper, and any change he does, will be reflected in QuickBooks real-time, giving you instant information about your finances. 2. SMEs Stay In Touch With Your Accountant As a small or medium business owner, QuickBooks allows you to add two accountants/bookkeepers to your company files. This allows you and your accountants to stay on the same page about your company financials. 3. Share Invoices With Your Customers: You can generate invoices for your customers in a PDF or an e-invoice format, and share with them. You can plan to send the invoices through emails on a fixed schedule, as well as allow your customers to add their feedback on the invoices, in real time. 4. Share Reports With Key Stakeholders If you have always wanted to share your reports with your colleagues, accountants, or clients, the QuickBooks Online allows you to do just that. With around 65 formats to generate reports online, getting your investors, and other stakeholders on the same page as you is now possible with just a few clicks. 5. Collaborate With Your Employees QuickBooks Online is the place where you will also be able to track your employees, about how much time they have logged in, etc. These users will only be able to log in for their reporting and will not be able to see any other data, if you so prefer. 6. Download Transactions Automatically from Bank You can also connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks, automatically download transactions, and add or match them to your entries in QuickBooks. This will save time for you, your bookkeeper and accountant. QuickBooks makes your real time information available to you and your accountants any time you need it. 7. Involve Suppliers For a Discussion on Purchase Orders Do you need to collaborate with your suppliers on what you want to purchase and at what price? QuickBooks can help you do that. You can create a purchase order for your supplier, mail it to him, and involve him in a discussion. So the next time you feel the need to access your finances from your mobile device or collaborate with a stakeholder, try Quickbooks Online, an online accounting package from Intuit.  

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