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2014-01-28 00:00:00Customer ServiceEnglishHow to Avoid Customer Roadblocks: Educate your Customer, Believe in Your New Strategy,Don’t be Inflexible,Be Creative in your solutions. to Avoid Customer Roadblocks

How to Avoid Customer Roadblocks

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We all encounter Roadblocks in our businesses and like the Roadblocks, we encounter during our commutes, there are certain Roadblocks that can be removed in order to run a smooth business. The roadblocks that are essential to pay attention to are the ones that are a hindrance to customer experience and service- these need to be avoided at all costs.

Here are six ways to avoid those roadblocks

1. Educate your Customer when adding new technology We all know that technology can be a boon translating into a more efficient system as well as saving your company the expense of hiring, training and paying a new employee. But it is essential that users are educated on their usage for the technology to be successful.

It is also of paramount importance that the technology that you install is well maintained and tested for any bugs that may reduce the ease of user experience.

2. Believe in Your New Strategy Before implementing a new method in your business, ensure you have done the requisite research so that you have the confidence in this new approach. It is also necessary that your staff is well educated and enthusiastic about this change. Only when your organization seems completely on board with this modification, then customers will be more likely to embrace it.

3. Don’t be An Unapproachable Proprietor No matter how many employees you hire and train, as the founder it is important that you remain at the center of your company and are approachable to the average customer. A customer who feels comfortable enough to reach out to you for help is one that will stay and continue to patronize your business.

4. Don’t be Inflexible While your business plan and bottom line do matter, many customers prefer small businesses because of their flexible nature and the personal attention they receive. Do not be quick to dismiss customer requests as frivolous, if it is possible for you or your staff to accommodate the user’s request without too much time or expense, then go ahead and make your consumer happy.

5. Be Creative in your solutions Think out of the box when addressing a customer service issue. Nothing irritates and leads to the loss of customers more than a customer sales executive telling them that their problem is not listed in their guidelines, database or manual.

Your business has a customer service team to ensure that customers are satisfied. If a problem arises that is unforeseen or has not occurred before it must be tackled immediately in a creative manner.

6. Always be Polite Make sure that you and your staff are there to listen to and pay sufficient attention to a customer’s problem. A polite interaction, even if your customer is surly or in a bad mood can go a long way to rectifying the problem. Also, the more polite you are, the less likely your customer is to take to social media or consumer platforms and badmouth your service.

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