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2012-08-20 00:00:00Customer ServiceEnglishSocial-Media for Customer Service: With easy access to the internet, people have taken to blogging and micro-blogging at every instance. for Customer Service

Social-Media for Customer Service

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With easy access to the internet, people have taken to blogging and micro-blogging at every instance; be it for a cricket world cup win or a bad movie. Don’t believe for one moment that brands stay immune from this online media onslaught. One bad move, one bad customer experience can tarnish the reputation of a brand in a matter of minutes. Such is the power of social media today.

Don’t be alarmed; on the positive note, social media can be used to correct wrongs, improve customer relationships and improve the brand image. Setting up a social media strategy for customer service can prove very fruitful for your start-up.

Small businesses/start-ups, after all, have an advantage when it comes to customer service due to their personal approach and enthusiasm. We will show you how you can use Social Media for Customer Service to your maximum benefit.

Sharing Information:

Use social media effectively to give information to your customers even before they ask for it. For example, if you are launching a discount sale at your shop, or want to close early due to unavoidable circumstances, or you are out-of-stock for your regular and most sought-after products; give your customers a heads up. This leaves a favorable impression on their minds. They will start trusting you and will know that you won’t take them for a ride.

Being Responsive:

What is posted online can stick around. It’s very frustrating for a customer to find your presence online only to find later your lack of responsiveness when it comes to answering their questions or addressing their needs. Hence, assign a dedicated resource that can handle customer issues quickly and professionally.

If you get negative feedback on your Facebook or Twitter page, engage with the customer, try to find out his problem and give him a solution in the shortest response time possible. By being responsive and empathetic, you can build a fantastic reputation and forge stronger relationships with your fans and customers leading to an increase in sales and business growth.

Improving Brand Image:

Rope in someone creative from your own team of employees to write blogs in your line of business, engage in bloggers outreach programs, manage the Facebook page (upload posts and videos) and Twitter for your start-up. It helps building and to improve the brand image in the long run.

Creating Marketing ‘Eye-ball Grabbers’:

A good social media strategy is one that catches maximum eye-balls. Promote frequent events with good campaigns, contests, freebies etc. and keep your fans excited. If you know how to leverage it, you can use social media for an integrated customer-centric experience for your venture/start-up. Remember, social media is all about engaging with your consumers.

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