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Tips for maintaining healthy customer relations

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Customer relationship is the core part of your business. It determines whether a customer will come to you for your product/service and whether they will return in the future. Similar to any relationships, it very essential to keep your customers happy and that will require an effort on your part. In this blog post, we suggest you five ways of nurturing and building this key aspect of your small business.

1. Focus on your customer needs- Rather than telling your customers how great your brand is, tell them how you are going to cater to their needs. Understand what your customer’s problem is. Look at your customer as a friend who is in trouble and how can you help your friend come out of the problem.

This approach will strengthen your on-going relationship with your customer. Instil this aspect into your key company values and you will see the difference.

2. Be out there- Just like how you will not be able to make friends and build relationships in your day-to-day life if you stayed in your bedroom all day, you need to be in the public eye always. It’s imperative to have consistent branding information that creates curiosity and encourages your target customer base to develop a relationship with you.

Showcase yourself among potential customers through marketing, traditional advertising as well as non-traditional methods such as social networking and community involvement.

3. Maintain brand consistency and interaction- How would it be if your good friends suddenly changed their behaviour drastically? This can be frustrating and alienating as it works the same way in human and business relationships.

Once you have your brand guidelines in place, do not deviate from it as it reflects every aspect of your company identity. Customers will always be in your favour and listen to you if they know your business and expertise well. Create a favourable environment where they get to know you more through multiple interactions and help build brand loyalty.

4. Have positive interactions with your clients- Only few people can maintain a healthy, on-going relationship with a person who is difficult to deal with, and business relationships are very similar. Right from the way you and your employees answer a phone call to the way you handle meetings, all customer interactions should be streamlined and managed in a way that the customer finds you really approachable. Such business relationships are developed over time through positive interactions.

5. Create a pleasing environment- Studies have proven that people prefer an attractive environment for business relationships. While aesthetics aren’t everything, but it also plays a significant part in the overall picture. This means that having a clean and attractive work space, both in physical locations and websites, is a key part of nurturing the customer relationship.

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