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Two Measures That Will Transform Your Customer Service into a Key Market Differentiator

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With the market’s—and advertising’s—growing capacity to penetrate an individual’s world, customers have grown savvier about the brands they will allow into their lives and their wallets. Not surprisingly then, in a 24/7 market economy, it is brands that prioritize customer service and satisfaction that truly thrive. In other words, customer service is the key differentiator between brands that excel and those that don’t.

Simple Customer Service Hacks

One can argue that every ambitious company needs to work backward, from an estimation of the end user’s experience of and satisfaction with a product to then optimizing business operations so that such an outcome can be achieved. In such a scenario, meeting and surpassing a consumer’s product and product-related expectations becomes a company’s prime directive and its primary differentiator. Here are some great customer service hacks every business should utilize.

Make yourself available:

Technology and social media channels these days are ubiquitous and user-friendly; it would be a criminal waste not to take full advantage of uber useful (and free) services like Twitter for customer experience management.

With a Twitter account, you can respond to, and engage with, customers with very little time lag. Nothing shows a customer how valued and important they are like an instant response.

Twitter is also a place to interact with individuals (not necessarily customers) who have questions about problems or situations that your company specializes in, but aren’t directly related to your brand.

When you reach out and address a query regarding your area of expertise—say it’s software and someone on twitter needs help sorting out a glitch—jump in and help (without pushing your product!) People will come to view you and your brand as proactive, knowledgeable, and extremely accessible, and they will start flocking to you.

Excellent bedside manner: ‘Bedside manner’ is a phrase used to describe how doctors deal with patients, typically when they’re laid up in bed and terribly sick. Doctors with thriving medical practices are famous not just for solving patients’ problems, but also for how they go about it. In fact, a warm smile and a kind word can go a long way towards taking the sting out of a bad situation. American company Southwest Airlines, which is a no-frills airline, has little else to offer by way of amenities. It is, nevertheless, is hugely popular.

In a market that has a lot of low-fare airlines, what distinguishes this company is their superior customer service. The staff is often characterized as friendly, warm, considerate and courteous especially when settling disputes. Finally, as one CEO put it, excellent customer service provides instant gratification not just to the customer, but to the employee who has delivered it as well. And that’s a truly rare phenomenon in today’s rough-and-tumble world of commerce.

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