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Valuable Customer Service Skills

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Good customer service skills are essential for any business, be it an established business or a start-up. In the current economic situation and cut-throat competition, the success of your business depends on your and your staff’s customer service skills. Here, we tell you the most important customer service skills that an entrepreneur should have.

Listening Skill

In spite of being the most important skill, it’s hard to find people who are good lis¬ten¬ers. Good listening skills will help you focus on your customer and his problems. It might also help you to read between the lines by understanding the attitude of the customer and the specifics of a particular situation. Good listening skills will also ensure that you provide appropriate answers to questions and understand the emotional clues that your customer may drop.

Strong Communication Skill

Communicating your message with confidence is one of the most important customer service skills a person can possess. Secondly, you need to communicate differently with different type of customers. For example, a young child needs to be talked to in a friendly way while you need to adopt a softer tone for talking with senior citizens. Again, communicating with women involves a different style.


Remember, that all situations are different; same problem-solving approach won’t work all the times. In case you come across a difficult problem; evaluate the situation, analyze it and take an appropriate decision that is both customer-friendly and favorable to the company.

For example, while dealing with a disgruntled customer, you can give cash vouchers, discounts, gift coupons etc. You are required to think out-of-the-box and that too quickly. Walking an extra mile for the customer will cement the relationship and would lead to repeat business.


Patience is one of the best virtues you can have while dealing with customers. Your patience will be thoroughly tested at times by a difficult customer with unreasonable demands or a rude/angry customer shouting at you. You might be facing a personal crisis, dip in the sales or other stressful circumstances, you need to put up a smiling and approachable face all the time.


Being flexible can prove to be a handy asset in the service industry. You need to adapt to your customer’s unique needs and changing circumstances. You should be open to change and be willing to take the customer’s feedback positively and act on it. These skills you hone in with time and keep brushing up on them as well.

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