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2014-06-26 00:00:00GeneralEnglishQualities to Target during Hiring: When you begin the hiring process, no matter what the job position, try and hire candidates with these... Qualities to Target during Hiring

5 Qualities to Target during Hiring

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Your Company is built on the strength of your employees therefore when you are starting your business, you need to hire the right kind of talent. While financial strains might affect your hiring decisions, it is essential that you attempt to find the right individual for your small business. When you begin the hiring process, no matter what the job position, try and hire candidates with these qualities:

1. Drive: Whether you are looking for mid to lower-level staff or management, it is important that you look for individuals that possess the drive to succeed. The ambition to become indispensable will lead to better output when you do hire the person. Employees who lack the drive to succeed often turn in mediocre performances that could drag your company’s service down.

2. Proficiency and Education: While the two could be confused, Proficiency and education can be two divergent features. You will need someone who is productive and is proficient in the skills they claim to possess. This will save your time in training them and acclimatizing them to their position. While degrees are certainly important, a person’s education should be viewed beyond a piece of paper.

As an employer you will need to evaluate their real-world skills. While applicants may be proficient in certain skills, it is their willingness to learn and grow that will in the long run make a difference in your business.

3. Commitment: One of the issues that startups often face is a lack of solid commitment from their employees. This leads to further complications like time wasted on repeatedly training new candidates, fractured relationships with clients and a lack of consistency in your business.

An important criterion to gauge in the interview process is to see if the individual is in it for the long haul. They need to be able to commit themselves to your business to ensure its future success.

4. Integrity: A skilled or driven person will do more harm than good to your business if they do not possess integrity. As a Small Business Owner you need to be able to hire people you can trust with your business. While it may be difficult to determine if a person is trustworthy in an interview, do your homework to ensure you have all the available information.

Be sure to ask for references and letters of recommendation from previous employers and educational institutions. Monitor any new hire to ensure that they can be left alone to do their job and not jeopardize the management of your company.

5. Attitude: A person’s attitude in an interview will give you an idea of their attitude towards your company. The key is to find the ideal balance between a person who is eager to please and learn and one who is confident in their abilities.

You could have them go through multiple rounds of interviews to gauge their attitude. Have them meet with different members of your team, remember to value any feedback your employees might have as they will be the ones interacting with your new hire on a daily basis.

While there will be a list of characteristics that you are looking for in a new hire that is specific for your business, if you find a person with these five qualities, you will find it simpler and easier to transform new hires into valuable team members.

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