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5 Stress Busters for Entrepreneurs

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Any job or career can be stressful, but when you have your own business, the stress could sometimes be double or triple, since as a business owner you’ve abandoned the notion of office hours- you think of your business every waking hour, 24/7 which can lead to a lot of stress. Therefore it is key that as an entrepreneur, you develop coping strategies in order to deal with the stress that arises from your business. Here we explore 5 simple stress busters to aid you in your stress management:

1. Read Industry News If you find you’re in a situation where you can’t stop thinking about work, reading industry news could be a good way to de-tress while still keeping work on your mind. Build up your knowledge base so you can run a better more innovative business and take a break from the current issues you are facing. Reading Industry News not only prepares you to get the best results from trends but also will give your ideas to keep you ahead of the competition.

2. De-stress with an Unconventional Exercise While a good diet and exercise are two important considerations in managing your stress levels- interesting activities can be used to supplement your exercise routine and create ways to manage your stress levels- this could be simple like cycling to work, taking part in marathons or more complex activities like rock climbing. A great team-building stress reliever for your organization could be something fun like paintball or rappelling.

3. Schedule No-Call Time As an entrepreneur its more likely than not that you are glued to your phone. Clients, employees, investors, even your family seem to always want a piece of you, whether the issue is large or has not cropped up yet. Schedule time away from your phone – it could be as little as 30 minutes. This time can be used to catch up with your team or family or even re-focus on your business needs to think strategically.

4. Build on a Hobby A Hobby can be a relaxation technique, build focus and also give your mind the “non-thinking” space to problem solve and think of out-of-the-box ideas and solutions. Hobbies could include experimenting with cooking, painting, building scale model or starting and fostering a collection. Hobbies help entrepreneurs hone their decision-making skills, systematic thinking and boost their creativity.

5. Meditation This age old Indian relaxation technique could be just what every entrepreneur needs to tackle stress. As a technique that requires no additional equipment- it can be practiced anywhere, is simple and inexpensive. Those who practice meditation on a regular basis find that it calms their mind, eliminating hurried and jumbled thoughts thereby facilitating a clearer thought process.

Other benefits of meditation include giving you a new perspective in order to tackle stress inducing problems, building stress management skills, increasing self awareness, focusing on the present and fostering positive emotions.

While these stress busters can be implemented easily into your schedule, other stress reducing tips that can be practiced daily are adding structure to your day, ensure that your social life doesn’t suffer because of your business, take breaks and keep your business on track with a schedule.

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