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2011-10-11 00:00:00GeneralEnglishRunning a Small Business: Motherhood is a significant enough responsibility, one that draws a lot of your energies and time, but it is... to Balance Motherhood with Running a Small Business

How to Balance Motherhood with Running a Small Business

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Motherhood is a significant enough responsibility, one that draws a lot of your energies and time, but it is especially challenging when you are a small business owner. The constant demands on your time and attention placed by the day to day functioning of a small business combined with the, equally constant and even more important, demands of motherhood can make you feel overwhelmed. It does take some strategising and organisation, but here are some tips that could make the process significantly less intimidating and a lot easier.

Make The Most Of Chances To Delegate What You Can

Regardless of how committed you are to your responsibilities, both at work and at home, the sensible thing to do is to delegate some of the tasks you have. It can often be possible to either involve a responsible person you can trust to handle a task for you, without or with limited supervision. Make the most of these opportunities. Your strategy should centre around thinking about which of your tasks and duties don’t necessarily have to be done by you, personally.

Often simply having a realistic look at your schedule can help you identify tasks that someone else, in your business or at home, can do just as easily. Match these tasks to the person you think will be get them done efficiently and delegate the task to them. In the running of your business it is often tempting to think that you are required to do a task yourself, when it can just as easily be delegated to a staff member. Often this line of reasoning comes from the initial stages of starting your own small business when you have had to make the most of limited staff by doing a lot yourself.

If you are now past that stage and lot of your staff have become skilled in your day to day functions, take advantage of that. Often it is possible to engage an accountant or other skilled people from outside your business to do tasks that they provide as a service.

At the time it might seem like an expense you can avoid, but it’s also important to consider the time and energy you can save for another aspect of your business. A similar strategy at home can further lighten your load. Often it’s possible to get your children involved in some of the smaller but essential chores around the house. With some imagination this can be turned into fun, giving the child a sense of accomplishing something for themselves, while teaching them to be more independent in the process.

Plan In Advance

At the end of a long hard day it can seem like a bad idea to put off your time to relax by even a few minutes, and plan ahead for the next day. However, just a few minutes spent preparing for the next morning, doing a few simple tasks, can make the difference between a rushed, hectic morning and one that allows you ease into your day. Packing your kids school lunches or laying out the clothes the family will use the next day, for example, are simple tasks, not likely to take much time, but ones that can considerably lighten your load next morning.

Cooking larger portions than ones required for a particular meal, or particular day, doesn’t add significantly to time or effort. This simple act over the weekend can give you relief over the coming week, if you cook and freeze portions for meals for later. Taking some additional time at work, once a week or so, to clear out old clutter or go over your accounts. This may seem like unnecessary effort that can be put off till later, but consider just how much time you will save when you are doing your accounts for the quarter or the year.

Make The Most Of Your Time By Creating Schedules

Having a realistic, pre thought out schedule can help you immeasurably to keep on track with your tasks, and even to reprioritise and improvise when you can’t stick to your plans. This approach doesn’t have to be limited to your work commitments or ones at home, extend this to your personal goals. Would you like to get fitter? Learn a language you’ve always been intrigued by? Read a bit more of your favourite author? Put aside time to give to yourself, don’t forget that your personal growth will contribute positively to your ability to be a better mother and in your business.

Take Advantage Of Time Saving Alternatives To Your Usual Methods

Innovations are happening around us constantly that let us do things with considerably less effort, take advantage of them. More and more online shopping is available in the Indian market every month. Everything from clothes to appliances to groceries is fast become available to us at the click of a mouse. Think of how much quality time you can save by being alert to these opportunities. Spend some time to consider just what methods are most suited to your personality and allow you to accomplish things with the least effort and stress. For example, if you’re a person who is more at ease taking to a customer on the phone, it might be the better option for you.

There’s no point considering the convenience of an email if you have rephrase it time and again and consider how best to structure it. Just accept that a telephone conversation works better for you and do what feels more natural. Finding methods and processes that make your work and home life easier is a mix of looking at what opportunities there are out there that you haven’t considered yet and what works best for you.

Have Someone To Share Thoughts With And Bounce Ideas Off

Even the most confident and aware person needs another point of view to consider. Having someone who can help you attain clarity and see through something that might be confusing to you is a great help. It could be your spouse or partner, a staff member, even your children. The added advantage, of course, is that one usually ends up enjoying the company of those that there is mutual trust and respect with. Not only will you gain perspective, this can also be a time to nurture an important relationship.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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