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2014-02-11 00:00:00GeneralEnglish Your Freelancer Transition to Full Time?

Can Your Freelancer Transition to Full Time?

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Increasingly, many companies these days have incorporated freelance employees as a regular feature in their total human resources. This is especially true for startups or other small and medium sized companies, which seek to decrease their expenditures on full time employees. However as your business grows, you may need more full time employees on board. In such a case, either you could go through a full hiring process or you could choose to convert your freelance employees to full time, based on mutual consent. In case you choose the latter, here are a couple of questions you must keep in mind while doing so:

1. Does your freelancer wish to transition full time?

The answer to this question is of prime importance while pondering over whether or not your freelancer must be converted, to a full time employee. There is always a reason why freelancers work as freelancers and being unemployed is not always one of them. Your freelancer may have an ailing family member to take care of or they may be a hands-on mother or quite simply, they may just love their independence as a freelancer – whatever may be the reason make sure you are clear on this question before assuming that your freelancer would like to be converted as a full timer.

2. Do you wish your freelancer to transition into a full timer?

Make sure that you are comfortable with your freelancer turning into a full timer. Do you like their communication skills? You may not be communicating much with your freelancer but with a full time employee, communication would be a regular and essential feature. Are you satisfied with the kind of work quality they give you? If you are looking to pitch for bigger clients, you may need to bring on board much more qualified and experienced people than your current freelancers. Hence, before converting your freelancers to full timers, make sure that your decision is not just based on avoiding the hiring process and being comfortable in your familiarity with your current freelancers.

3. Is your company ready to take new employees?

Make sure that your decision to hire full time staff by converting your freelancers is based, on a consistent growth curve of your company monitored over a considerable period, say six months to a year. You must also make sure that the increase in business profits is a trend rather than being something seasonal. Hiring full time employees may bring in extra expenditure in your annual budget and hence make sure your business is ready for it.

4. Does your company have physical space and resources to accommodate new employees?

As long as your freelancer worked from their home, you never had to bother with a physical space or providing additional resources. However, once they become full time employees, physical office space would be needed to accommodate them. Along with additional space, you would also need additional resources in the form of computers, printers, phone, copier machines, desk, chair etc. This would mean additional spends on your budget, make sure your business is ready to bear the financial burden of all these resources, as mentioned in the point above.

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