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2011-12-13 00:00:00GeneralEnglishCustomer Gift Ideas: As December rolls around bringing Christmas cheer and glimpses of a new year on the horizon, many businesses. Customer Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Five Customer Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

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As December rolls around bringing Christmas cheer and glimpses of a new year on the horizon, many businesses – big and small – scramble to think of ways to show their customers they appreciate the business they have sent their way during the year.

This is no easy task for any company, let alone the small business with a limited budget and several other concerns that demand attention Still, even with these constraints, it is possible to think beyond diaries and mugs in order to uncover gifting options that are unusual, long-lasting, or designed to find a spot on the recipient’s desk. Here are a few ideas for customer gifts that won’t stretch your budget:

A New Avatar for the Old Calendar:

Calendars, of course, are presented ad nauseam at this time of the year. However, even this gifting cliché can turn into a keepsake when you put some thought, time and effort into the images that go on its monthly pages. For example, you could try sourcing historical black and white images of your city to place on these pages. If you have in-house creative design talent, you might be able to customize stock images to creatively incorporate the customer’s name and then use these in the calendar.

Tap into Local Talent:

If you are seeking a gift with a creative flourish, you could commission the local equivalent of a starving artist – a design student or small-time freelancer – to help you create a special illustration or sketch that could then be transferred to a small wall plaque or desktop accessory. The hand-created element in such a gift is likely to elevate it above other more expensive ones.

Food & Beverages Usually Please: A tastefully packaged box of specialty teas or a tin container of homemade chocolates can go a long way in sealing your reputation (or that of your business) as someone who picks their gifts with thought and care.

Push Them to Think:

A Mindbender of a puzzle or other unusual (and addictive) desktop game that tests your customer’s problem solving or motor skills can be a very good gifting option as long as it is durable and something your customer can turn to time and again for a gaming challenge.

They may think unkind thoughts of you after their umpteenth frustrated attempt at cracking the puzzle but the fact that they keep coming back for more says a lot about the value of the gift.

Think Small and Utilitarian:

There are, admittedly, many useful items that you could attach your branding to and present to your customers as year-end gifts. These include paperweights, pen holders, desk clocks and similar objects.

All of these are perfectly acceptable options but the best ones are the utilitarian but indispensable items – pen drives, flashlights, tape dispensers – that you can be sure they will reach for on a regular basis in their daily lives.

These thrifty gift options will help you show customers that you value their business while giving them another reason to stay loyal to yours. And there is no probably no better combination of circumstances than scoring with your customers while staying within your budget.

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