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Employee Engagement Ideas on a Budget

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The enthusiasm and energy an employer can generate in his or her employees have a huge effect on the success of the business. There are a lot of factors beyond the job profile that influence employee attitudes and loyalty with respect to their workplace. To get your employee engagement programs rolling without breaking the bank, all it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and innovation.

Here are a few simple but effective ideas to make your employees feel good about coming in to work every day:

Any day appreciation grams: Little notes with words of appreciation and good wishes can be sent to individuals from the top brass along with boxed candy, balloons or flowers. This can either be done on any ordinary day or in connection with a holiday. The idea is to make the employees feel special with these personalized memo-grams.

Employee recognition awards: Acknowledge hard work and achievements by conducting an online ‘employee recognition’ program where individuals are nominated anonymously and stand to win based on popular votes. Each week will produce one winner whose picture can be featured on an employee wall of fame.

Top-level connections: Create opportunities for employees at all levels to interact with company leadership. A picture, birthday lunch, or a day of learning with the CEO are some ways that employees can interact with management in an informal setting where they can pitch ideas and receive valuable career and professional guidance.

Game days: Playgrounds have proven to be the place where toddlers build character and camaraderie. So why not bring out the inner child in your employees with a series of ‘low on cost but high on contentment’ games such as spot quizzes, office scavenger hunts, team-building activities, mad races, and others. The giveaways can be simple – a box of chocolates or stationery set work well as prizes.

Spotlight sparklers: An internal talent contest can be held where employees can display off-work capabilities such as singing, dancing, mimicry, creative writing and more. Adults rarely find time or situations to showcase their recreational skills. So, when their workplace provides a stage and a ready-made audience, they will relish this chance to perform.

Online newsletter: When employees are given a voice – a chance to regularly express their thoughts, opinions, and ideas – they are bound to feel less frustrated. An online newsletter (on a fortnightly or monthly basis) is an avenue for them to share and connect with each other in a humorous and wholesome manner.

The bulletin can contain stories, articles, poems and family pictures submitted by the employees along with running contests and articles by the top management.

Unity days: A great way to create solidarity and inject some fun into the workplace is to pick a day when employees can dress according to a theme. Festival themed dress codes, denim days and colour days are some suggestions you could use in encouraging employees to abandon traditional office wear for a day.

Potluck picnic: Fashion a day of sun and fun in the office by having employees bring their favorite dishes to work for a potluck picnic. You could use a pre-decided menu to assign items and everyone can gather for a sumptuous feast on the chosen day. This is all about revitalizing the work atmosphere by sharing great food in a relaxed environment.

I scream for Ice cream: Contact an ice cream manufacturer (e.g. Baskin Robbins) to see if they can create an exclusive signature flavor for the company. Employees can be treated to unlimited scoops and toppings of this unique flavor for an experience that will remain frozen in their memories.

Garage sale: Conduct an office sale based on a silent auction system where employees can bring articles from their home that they are looking to dispose of. After all, one man’s (or woman’s) trash is another treasure. The proceeds of this auction will go to a suitable charity giving your employees a feel-good opportunity for contributing to a worthy cause.

Roll out some of these ideas and watch your organization’s collective motivation and energy levels soar!

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