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How to be a remarkable boss

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People work for people, not companies and a great deal of it boils down to ‘Who’s your boss?’ or rather ‘How is your boss?’ Employees are connected to their reporting managers or bosses and they visualize their contribution and role through their bosses.

Not all bosses inspire awe and appreciation but a few of them successfully nurture employees and take organizations to new heights. Remarkable bosses can mold remarkable employees and in turn, remarkable employees drive remarkable organizations. Here are some traits of inspiring bosses –

Play fair: Most people have their favorites but remarkable bosses don’t. They are impartial in judgment and give equal opportunities to all employees. By being fair and transparent, they build trust that goes a long way in how an employee perceives his boss and the team.

Put the team first: Remarkable bosses know their best interest lies with the team. They focus on team advancement before their own. Success is credited to the team and individual employees. Remarkable bosses know how to shun the spotlight and let it shine on their teammates instead.

Deal with problems immediately:

Nothing is more damaging than a team that cannot work together. Ego tussles, work pressure, insubordination, bullying, non-performance, etc. can all affect work productivity. Good bosses understand team dynamics and identify issues early on. The rationale and iron out issues before they take gigantic proportions.

Recognize the effort:

Results speak volumes and receive instant appreciation. A lot of times, without results, the effort goes unnoticed. Remarkable bosses know that the effort counts and they appreciate all the hard work put in. Such recognition is crucial in keeping the employee motivated and helping him/her strive harder the next time.

Give a second chance:

Mistakes at workplace can have serious implications and bosses are wary of employees who make them. Great bosses realize that mistakes are opportunities to teach valuable lessons and know not to hold errors against the employee. Remarkable bosses seize such opportunities to help the employee through and offer a second chance to get better and deliver better. The second chance is key to re-affirm the employee’s faith in the organization.

Takes tough decisions:

Tough times necessitate tough decisions. These very often involve heated arguments or painful conclusions and might not be seen in favourable light by everyone. Remarkable bosses value the repercussions of such issues but take tough decisions. They see the larger picture and know it is crucial to make some difficult changes.

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