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How to Train your Front Desk Staff

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While your organization may be small, you may be tempted to dispense with a front desk but it is important to remember that a front desk gives your office a more professional feel. It is essential that your front desk employees are well trained as they are the first and last impression on any visitor , most importantly clients visiting your organization.

It might be a good idea, especially if you are starting out and are short staffed to have your front desk employee double up and perform a dual administrative role but it is essential to remember that customer service must be your front desk employee’s primary task. Here we explore the pointers to pay attention to train your front desk staff:

1. Create a Manual: While you might not be able to hire someone with experience, you can create a manual for your front desk staff on how to address certain queries, how the call forwarding software your business may use works, how to deal with customers and so on.

Creating a manual allows your staff to refresh their training lessons and also can be a good resource to look for answers if you are traveling or in a meeting.

2. Organization is Key: Create a space and employ an Individual for your front desk who is organized. As the first impression created for your business, it is essential that the space is clutter free and has welcoming touches like a bowl of mints or chocolate and a general visiting card with your company’s contact details. Creating systems of organization that can be easily implemented and followed by a number of staffers is of paramount importance.

3. Phone Diction and Greetings: Your Front Desk Staff will be responsible for rooting calls through to your office. As such, they must have a good grasp of languages, know how to greet people on the telephone before passing on the call. It is also important that your employee knows how to promptly, firmly but politely deal with telemarketers as this will save your organization a lot of time in the future and ensure you don’t miss out on a call that really matters because of an engaged phone line.

4. Make them feel part of the Team: As an employee that sits away from the core of your office place, it may feel like that employee is isolated from the rest of your staff. Ensure, from the time of training that your front desk staff feels part of your overall team- this can be done by including other employees in the training process, creating an easy communication model- perhaps in the form of an intra office chat service and creating a dual role for your front desk employee that requires interaction with all your employees on a daily basis.

5. Schedule Periodic Training Updates: As your business grows and expands, your front desk staff- your first interface with the world will also need to be trained periodically and have their knowledge base about your company and products built up.

They need to be able to gauge whether the service a prospective client is asking for is something you perform or can perform before passing on the request to your sales staff.

Follow these pointers while training your staff and you should have a well oiled front desk- remember during training, to stress on points of courtesy and respect towards all individuals that they encounter as they are the primary representative of your brand.

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