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Setting up a Small Business Office Space

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Often neglected, but absolutely crucial – your office space can set the tone of your small business work culture, right from the start Gone are the days when barely done up offices would suffice to start a business.

If you want people to take your organization seriously, you have to make the right impression at the very beginning. One of the best ways to do so is through your office. While a few may consider the décor and layout of their office space as mere superficialities, these factors can influence how you work, how your business is viewed and also how it will develop in time.

The location, layout and infrastructure of your office space can help reduce overheads as you go along. But with all the other details to think about while you set up a small business, the look of your office might be the last thing on your mind.

Here’s a handy list of things to consider while creating your office space.

Selecting your look Depending on the kind of business that you start, you will have to think about the overall look of your office. Will it be a formal space with a traditional layout, or if you are a creative business, you might want to think of a casual layout. For a formal look, choose furniture with conventional angels and colours. If you are creative, you can play around with shapes and colours.

Green Zone Creating a sustainable office area, with an environmentally conscious design is vital. Though initially you might have to invest more on sustainable infrastructural elements, this will benefit you in the longer run. You could drastically save on recurring expenses by going green.

Colour Coding Choose a good colour scheme in your office as colours have the power to influence people’s mood. Vibrant colours like orange, red and fuchsia can energize you and your employees. Making your conference room look lively would be a good choice too. If the line of business you are in tends to be extremely stressful, then go for some soothing shades of ivory, blues and greens.

Ergonomically Speaking When deciding the layout, selecting the desks and chairs, think about the ergonomics of your office. Buy chairs that will not hurt your back and that will help better your posture. With the desk, make sure that they have the right height and width. Important and frequently used paraphernalia should be housed within easy reach.

Storage Solutions When setting up a small business, you are most likely going to invest in a small or medium-size office space. However, you need to shop for some innovative space-saving storage ideas that fit your office. Look out for overhead shelving units, stackable boxes, compartmentalized folders, etc. Safety First Double check you office space to see if there’s provision for proper ventilation.

Check out the fire exists and make sure to visibly place fire extinguishers. Brief your colleagues about the safety policies and keep them aware of any emergency measures to be taken.

Scope for expansion Think long term when you invest on the office space. Does it suit you short term needs, as well as long term organizational goals for expansion? Does it have the flexibility to expand as you start to hire more employees? Can you fit in more technical equipment if you need to? These are some of the questions that can help you choose the right sized office space.

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