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Should You Go The Ecommerce Way?

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There is no doubt about the fact that Ecommerce is on the rise. If you are thinking about opening a purely ecommerce run business you can explore the basics here in an earlier post

5 Basics To Start An E-Commerce Business In India

But if you are looking to supplement your brick-and-mortar presence with an online site, here are the factors you should consider:

Should you go the Ecommerce way?

• We know that connectivity is increasing by leaps and bounds everyday- an online portal gives you the opportunity to connect with new consumers who may not necessarily be in the same geographical location as you

• Is your business being hit by the presence of online competitors? If the answer is yes, then an ecommerce portal may be just the thing to boost your sales and give you a competitive edge

• Do you have the technological skills to run an online operation? If technology is something you shy away from, then ecommerce may not be the right course for you. Creating an ecommerce website may make it necessary to hire additional staff with the skills to oversee as well as promote your site

• Do you have the space to store additional products that will be needed to run an online payment website as well as the expertise to ship and deliver goods in a timely manner? Online shoppers are among the most impatient in market.

They often decide on what websites offer them the fastest and most hassle-free shipping statutes. You will need to keep extra stock of products you offer online as well as train yourself and staff to pack your product aesthetically and securely in order to make the journey to the consumer.

• Will a payment website take away from the qualities that make you stand apart in your industry? The cornerstone of many small businesses for consumers is the one to one interactions with staff and the business owner. Many small businesses thrive on the fact that they are able to give personalized services rather than be a faceless entity, an online portal many detract from your business’s USP.   If you are convinced that an online payment website is a good extension of your business model then, you should begin by

• Purchasing your domain name

• Designing a website that is product friendly- as a representation of your business your wares must be displayed to maximum effect on your website   • Develop and customize your sales processes

• Ensure that your credit card gateway accommodates a variety of banks and credit card providers   • Hire a developer or agency to make sure you appear at the top of search lists for relevant keywords

• Promote your online presence through social media, newsletter as well as in store. Digital couponing may be a great way to get consumers to start clicking and buying online.   Here is also a list of activities to undertake to avoid common errors you while implementing an online plan   • Do not underestimate the work involved: Making the online shopping experience seamless for the customer will entail a lot of additional work for you and your staff. Make sure you understand the entirety of the operation

• Make a business plan: Make sure you know your market and your consumer before you embark on creating an online payment portal. Make sure your online presence is in sync with your company’s policies and distinct point of view

• Put a solid marketing strategy into place: Get well versed with the strategies of online marketing – explore new terms like SEO and PPC as well as get a basic understanding of Google analytics and other metrics. It is also important to recognize the reach of social media in promoting your payment based website   If a payment based website is a device you will enhance your business sales and presence then it may be the edge you’ve been looking.

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