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Social Recruitment for Small Business

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Small businesses, unlike big corporations, have limited resources and they have to invest judiciously to get the maximum returns. It becomes imperative that they create and build a talent pool with dedicated individuals who are passionate about their work and share the same vision as the founder so that the business flourishes.

Amidst this global economic unrest, pink-slips and millions of people changing their jobs for better opportunities, there is a lot of talented individuals out there, who have the potential to make it big in a small business set-up. The challenge lies in discovering these talented people and making them believe in the small business model.

The rise of social recruitment for small businesses has grown tremendously over the past few years, as this provides a faster and more cost-effective way to recruit the right candidates, without investing much for recruitment through job portals.

As such, recruiters in small business are going beyond traditional search models like recruitment through job-portals, employee referrals, and walk-ins. They have shifted focus to personalized search through social media tools like – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Hi5, Xing, Slideshare, blogs and others.

Various research proves that people of Gen X and Gen Y spend a lot of time on social media networking sites posting comments, making recommendations and being part of online communities to discuss issues.

This becomes an encyclopedia of information for head hunters to understand the candidate, his/her likes and dislikes and do background checks, to zero in on the right person. The only perceivable challenge is constantly monitoring the target people and engaging meaningfully in a digital space, where time and money are constraints.

According to Maria Fernandez, HR Recruiter with Reliance Broadcast India Ltd. “Unlike big companies, smaller companies generally recruit through social media channels to save costs. It’s faster and a better platform to engage with a wide variety of audience, who can spread the word around about any open position.

The future of recruitment through social media channels will depend on the results that companies are now testing on-ground to recruit high profile executives.” The social media sites are one of the best brand-building tools for any individual or company.

Just like how people must be cautious about what they post online, businesses too need to think about their online image. In today’s digital age, nothing is personal and hidden. Anything and everything posted online can be accessed by online recruiters and potential candidates.

With the ever-changing business dynamics and mushrooming small business units, the future of recruitment through social media will see a catastrophic change with analytic tools being implemented, to map out the digital DNA of a person, before being recruited.

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