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Start up trends of 2014

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As the economy and collective preferences change over the world, so do startups. All successful startups have one thing in common – they arise to fulfill a need of their time and they gain steam, depending on how best they fulfill this need. For the year 2014, here are the five Startup trends that are poised to get big based on the need that they fulfill:

1. Mobile apps development

There has been an explosive growth in the use of smartphones the world over and particularly in India. This has had many smart and quick businesses vying for the consumer attention by means of mobile apps.

These apps make the information accessible from anywhere while allowing the purchase to take place with just a click- thus making them a very palatable marketing strategy for most businesses out there. A startup, which offers beautifully designed, effective and strong apps to its business clients, could be the big thing in 2014 and in years to come. Since mobile apps are the future of marketing, no business wants to be left out and hence there is a huge potential here.

2. Online Consulting

Time is of high premium in today’s fast-moving world but the need for guidance is the same. With many people looking for advice online, it is no surprise that you could actually start a business out of it.

With starting an online consultancy business, the question which is the most important to answer is, what is your niche? Where does your expertise lay? Who is your target audience and how do you plan to reach them? Then be it a consultancy dealing in business or Fashion or Medicine or education – by having the aforementioned questions set clear, you could actually turn your skills into a thriving business.

3. Social media marketing

The successful businesses today have moved from aggressively highlighting their brand to creating a relationship with their audience by consistent engagement. A brilliant way to do this is by social media marketing.

Social media gives a human face to the brands and help connect the consumers to it. Many businesses are foraying into it by outsourcing their social media engagement to agencies specialized in it. By setting up your own social media agency, you could sure get your own piece in this huge and constantly growing pie.

4. Grocery E-commerce

The world may have changed significantly but few things never did – like the need to do grocery shopping. Many men and women still have to put up with this mundane task every week or every few days. Couple this with many people getting online and using the internet to make purchases and you could see a grocery e-commerce portal as the answer to an acute need wishing severely to be fulfilled.

Furthermore, such a kind of start-up could be initiated in your city or even in a few of the highly populated areas of your city. A simple idea, this would not only fulfill a need but could also make a good profit for you just the same.

5. Data banks

Businesses today, like businesses in the past, work on consumer data. Hence, there is a huge market for companies, which collect data and make reports on it. As people increasingly use the internet to share information, seek information, carry out bank transactions and make purchases, this data could be tracked, stored, recorded and segmented.

A startup, which can procure this online data and sell it to companies in need of it, would consequently be much in demand. Data is a need and no business can grow without having it on hand. With the rise in online users and increased individualistic tendencies of consumers, a startup dealing with online data collection could just be the need fulfilling as well as a profitable business to start in 2014.

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