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2011-10-17 00:00:00GeneralEnglishfinancial Constraint: A popular saying goes something like this, “A problem that money can solve is not a problem at all”. While it... Small, now a FORCE!!

Started Small, now a FORCE!!

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A popular saying goes something like this, “A problem that money can solve is not a problem at all”. While it applies universally, it is particularly true in the case of an individual who thinks that financial constraints will not let his business idea take-off.

The romantic/dare-devil in you who has stepped out of his comfort zone devised a business plan with all conviction, cannot be grounded simply because he doesn’t have enough money.   Take a look at some of those who didn’t have enough, started off with meager savings, in small offices/garages but leaped nevertheless, counting on their sheer spirit and their hunger to succeed…

Narayan Murthy and Team:

The story of this team has now turned into folklore both within India and outside. They started off in 1981 with INR 10,000 by pooling in money from their wives. In his own words, Mr. Murthy says, ”We were short of money, but we were very long on hope.” In 30 years, Infosys has grown to be a behemoth with last year’s revenues clocking INR 27,500 crores!!!

Kiran Majumdar Shaw:

In 1978, Kiran Majumdar Shaw started Biocon in the garage of her rented house in Bangalore with a seed capital of Rs. 10,000. At a time when India’s laws were hardly conducive for entrepreneurship, Kiran faced numerous challenges staunchly believing “Success is about pursuing a vision with a sense of purpose and a spirit of challenge….”. The company closed 2010 with INR 2405 crore in revenues.

Shahnaz Husain:

We all know that she is the world’s leading brand and manufacturer of herbal and ayurvedic beauty products, with a presence in over 400 beauty centers worldwide. What many of us don’t know, is that she started her first salon from her house in Delhi with INR 35,000 by simply hanging a banner outside it. From then to now, she maintains, “Never give up. Believe in yourself, in your own dreams.”

Arvind Rao:

CEO of OnMobile, one of the world’s largest data and value-added services companies, almost got kicked out of business during the dot com bubble burst’s financial strangle. However, deciding to ‘give it one more shot’, he and his team moved on from the crisis, clinching deals after deals and making their presence felt across continents.

Notwithstanding the success, this is what Arvind has to say when asked about his future plans, “As entrepreneurs, our dream has come true. Yet, in many other ways, the journey is just beginning. It is as if we were running a 100-meter race. And just as we reached around the corner, the race turned out to be a marathon.”

Deep Kalra:

CEO of, from being almost swept out due to financial constraints in the aftermath of the Twin Tower attacks in the US and the Parliament attack in India, Deep Kalrapioneered the entire travel scenario of India in just about 10 years of business.

Registering more than 124 million dollars in revenues in 2010, Deep advises, “Have faith in your venture and Pursue your dream with passion”   We have briefly chronicled only five ‘top-of-the-mind-recall’ entrepreneurs amongst a flock of thousands in our country.

Kudos to them for having braved all forms of constraints – financial, bureaucratic, operational, economic. For being a beacon to many new aspirants.   As a famous author has rightly said, “Any successful man must spill a little blood on his way top”. Be prepared to spill yours…..

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