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2012-07-13 00:00:00GeneralEnglish Building – A Do-Not-Ignore Exercise

Team Building – A Do-Not-Ignore Exercise

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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford A business cannot be successful due to the standalone efforts of the entrepreneur. It requires joint labour of his employees as well. An employee is, perhaps, the most valuable asset for any business. Long-term growth and progress of the business demand sound investment in its employees and what better way to do it than promoting team-building exercise. Here are a few benefits of team building in a small business.

Open Communication: Team building helps foster better and open communication between employees themselves, and also between employees and the entrepreneur. It helps to reduce the chances of confusions, misunderstandings thus making the communication more effective. It leads to employees being very clear about their goals and objectives and what exactly is expected from them.

Improves Quality of Work: It leads to understanding, co-operation and trust between the employees. Team Building activities improve the relations and strengthen the bond among the employees. Stress disappears, chances of mistakes reduce and people stop complaining and blaming others. They get a sense of belonging and responsibility and that reflects in the quality of work done.

High Productivity: Simple team building exercises help employees to get into a better mood and they feel happy to go to work daily. They start concentrating on their work, enjoying their work, and willingly take more work. People take less leaves and hence the objectives are achieved at a much faster pace. It boosts morale and motivation. It’s proven time and again that the productivity increases when individuals work as a team.

Customer Satisfaction: When employees are respected and trusted and their value is acknowledged, they are far more willing to take the extra steps necessary to achieve beyond the expectations of the company.

The positivity in the work place affects the customers too. Timely and effective work combined with pleasant conversation with happy employees will shoot the customer satisfaction rate tremendously up.

Employee Growth: Interactive exercises, self-assessments, feedback sessions and group discussions enable an employee to define his growth objective and lay out his career plan. Such team building exercises help in improving personal confidence, morale, planning skills, problem solving, decision making, time management etc. For so many benefits to gain and nothing to lose, team building becomes a very important activity for any business.

To ensure that all the team members work diligently and give their best to the work, an entrepreneur needs to indulge in team building activity from time to time. Yes, team building is not a one-off activity; but it needs to be repeated in regular intervals to reinforce the team morale and continuously capture the benefits.

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