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2014-04-23 00:00:00GeneralEnglish Signs that Your New Hire Might Not Work Out

Warning Signs that Your New Hire Might Not Work Out

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No matter how effective your hiring process is, there is always the chance that the final candidate who is hired is not the right one for the job. While there are many guidelines you can following to hire the right employee, in this post we detail the warning signs to watch out for that your new hire may not work out.

Sign 1: False Information Given During the Interview

While an interview is the space to gauge a candidates skills, many people tend to exaggerate or make more of the basic skills that they have. If you require a trained person for a specialized post, then it is of utmost importance that your new hire has the skills that they claimed to have. If you find they do not, you may want to spend some time and effort on training but do ensure that your new hire is committed to your company so that this exchange of knowledge and expertise does not go to waste.

Sign 2: Low Attendance

Most companies institute a leave policy where new employees are not allowed to take time off during their probation period, this ensures that in the beginning of their employment, the new employee is available at work every day and gets settled in their new role more speedily and easily. While as a small business owner you might not want to follow this policy, an employee who is absent often for seemingly frivolous reasons can be a sure sign that you or your hiring committee has made the wrong decision.

Sign 3: Unwilling to learn

While each of us may get set in our ways as we progress on our career paths, it is of primary importance that we all continue to learn and grow. As each company functions differently, it is a good idea to introduce your employee to the way you do things in an orientation program.

While you must keep an open mind about the different ways in which people function, if you find your new employee is unwilling to learn and is stuck functioning in the same way they used to in their previous jobs. Then it might be a good first step to take them aside and find out what is keeping them from changing.

Sign 4: Does not fit in your organization’s work culture

It is a good practice to check in with your senior employees on a weekly basis after you take on a new hire. It is essential to gauge the progress your new hire has made and also how they interact with the people in your organization. Make an effort to see how your new hire communicates with other employees when you are not around. If they are arrogant and resistant to working in a team, then it is time to re-evaluate your decision to hire them.

Sign 5: Untruthfulness and Lack of Follow Through In a Small Business your organization is only as strong as your weakest member. While everyone has their strengths and faults, ensure that you can trust each and every of your employees. If you find that your new employee is untruthful about the work that they have done, lacks follow through on even the smallest of tasks and is too ready to blame someone else for their shortcomings then its time you begin a search for a new employees.

A lack of truthfulness is a deal breaker across industries and businesses. Keep an eye out for these signs to ensure that you made the right hiring decision and be sure to rectify it speedily if you find that you have made the wrong one.

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