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2013-11-22 00:00:00GeneralEnglishCelebrating employees and their accomplishments goes a long way to building team trust, and keeping employee morale high. Celebrations To Keep the Morale High

Workplace Celebrations To Keep the Morale High

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Everyone needs a break once in a while. While employees at any workplace face their own share of inevitable challenges, it becomes more of a compelling responsibility to bring some cheer into the workplace during the festive season.

Celebrating occasions at the workplace not only boosts morale but also enables team building, motivates and recognizes the good work of the employees. Here are some of the ways that one could celebrate at the workplace and increase the collective feel-good factor in the work environment:

1. Annual team holiday

Make sure that there is an exclusive half-yearly or annual team holiday where a full weekend could be dedicated to doing interesting things like adventure sports, fun games and activities, sightseeing, etc. This would connect your employees not only to each other but to the company as well. They would be able to create workplace memories.

2. Celebrate all birthdays

Ensures your company celebrates the birthdays of every employee with at least cake and flowers. When it comes to this kind of a celebration, there should be no hierarchy and everyone must be celebrated and made to feel special on their one special day.

3. Bring in the family

At least once in a year, there must be a company event where the employees must be encouraged to bring in their families. Since every individual is an extension of their family, so by getting the families involved and making it fun for them, you create a deeper and better connect with your employees. It could even be a day for them to show off to their families about how cool their work really is.

4. Charitable get-togethers

Make sure your company supports at least one charity where all the employees could go at least once over a weekend to volunteer. Working for a good cause not only brings people together but it also makes them feel good. By encouraging your employees for weekly charity meets, you create a sense of collective goodness and cultivate a sense of giving back.

5. Retirements and Promotions

Celebrate each retirement and promotion with a warm speech, a token of gift- perhaps flowers or a bottle of wine. Apart from making people feel special, it also makes them feel like they are truly being valued by the company.

6. Company Anniversary

There could be an annual foundation day celebration for your company where the employees could be encouraged to give music and dance performance, display their art, drama skills or any other interesting skill that they might have. This would bring forth the human element and the applause and appreciation of others would boost up their morale like nothing else.

7. Daily ‘celebratory’ breaks

Infuse the day-to-day working with some fun and humor. This could be done in various creative ways like passing jokes written in small chits around and each employee could pick up their chit per day or having an office screen that may display some funny jokes and images or even inspirational messages from time to time.

It is always a good idea to celebrate and a workplace needs it even more-to lighten the mood and bring your employees together. Hence, make sure that workplace celebrations take an important place in your annual company budget because it is eventually happy employees who create happy customers and happy businesses.

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