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2018-08-03 00:04:13Growing a Business: SalesEnglishFlipkart is a covenient option to begin selling online. Here's all you need to know about the specific requirements for Flipkart seller... Seller Registration: All You Need To Know

Flipkart Seller Registration: All You Need To Know

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If you want to begin selling online, Flipkart can be a convenient option. This e-commerce platform makes it easy to list and ship your products, so you don’t have to worry about building your own shopping cart system. Flipkart Seller Registration has some specific requirements, but when you know what to expect, you can register and start selling in less time.

Benefits of Registering to Sell on Flipkart


Flipkart is one of the most popular e-commerce channels in India. Customers are familiar with the platform, and they trust that it delivers quality merchandise. If you’re new to online retail, selling on Flipkart can increase buyer confidence. What’s more, you gain access to more than 10 million visitors per day, which can help increase sales.

If you’re busy running a business, Flipkart takes away some of the hassle of online sales. When a customer buys from you, a Flipkart logistics partner picks up the product from your location and delivers it right to the customer. The platform also collects taxes and makes it easy to track sales. All of this convenience comes at a cost, of course — for each sale you make, Flipkart collects a variety of fees for commission, shipping, collection, and more.

What Documents Do You Need to Register on Flipkart?


Before you can register to sell on Flipkart, it’s helpful to have a few documents handy. To start, Flipkart requires all sellers to be registered with the goods and services tax scheme, so you’ll need your GSTIN. Other things you need are:

  • Your personal or business PAN card
  • Bank account information
  • Supporting Know Your Customer documents, including proof of your address and a cancelled cheque

These documents are required, whether you’re registering yourself or your company.

Types of Flipkart Registrations


When you register to sell on Flipkart, you can choose to register as an individual or as a business. An individual registration uses your name and your personal details. When you choose this option, Flipkart considers you a sole proprietor, which means that you alone are responsible for reporting your sales on your monthly and annual GST returns. In addition, you must use your home address and personal bank account information to register.

You can also register your business to sell on Flipkart. You’ll use your company’s name, PAN, and GSTIN, which means that all of the GST compliance and liability rests with your company. You can register as a business whether you’re a partnership, LLC, limited company, or private limited company. Be prepared to provide KYC documents to prove your company’s legal identify and address, such as a partnership registration or a certificate of incorporation.

What Happens After You Register on Flipkart?


Once you complete the Flipkart seller registration, you can expect a waiting period while Flipkart verifies your documents. Once you’re verified, you can start listing your products right away. As soon as you have one product listing, you can start selling. All payments for your sales are deposited into the bank account you provided during registration.

Like any e-commerce system, Flipkart has its own ups and downs. If you’re ready to test the waters of selling online, this convenient platform can be a great way to get started.

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