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2018-06-14 01:30:00Growing a businessEnglishLearn how to network with the biggest players in your industry. Networking events are great places to gather leads for your company. But... to Ace Your First Networking Event

How to Ace Your First Networking Event

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Networking is an important part of business. It helps you gather new leads and puts you in contact with major players in your industry. It can also be a lot of fun to mingle with other people in your field. As much fun as you can have there, it’s also important to prepare yourself before attending a networking event. With a little prep, it’s easy to gather the info and leads you expect.

You should have a goal in mind for every networking event you attend. For some events, your goal might be to close a specific amount of deals. For others you might only want to gather leads. Regardless, it’s important to establish your goal before the event so you know how to proceed while you’re there. For example, the way you interact with a potential lead is different than the way you interact with a person when you’re trying to close a deal. When you’re talking to a potential lead, it’s important to listen to the person talk about their company so you can determine whether your services might be beneficial. But when you’re trying to close a deal, you might be a little more aggressive. You should listen to the person’s specific needs and then discuss how the features of your product or service benefits them.

It’s also important to dress properly for the event. You want to look as professional as possible. It’s important to leave a positive impression with people. You should consider carrying business cards with you and preparing an elevator pitch before you go. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

Networking is a helpful skill for business owners to master. You should have a plan in place beforehand, and follow up with all of your leads once the networking event ends.

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