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2018-06-04 03:00:20Growing a businessEnglishLearn why you should use online surveys to help improve your products and services. Your customers have valuable opinions and they want to... Surveys to Improve the Quality of Your Products and Services

Use Surveys to Improve the Quality of Your Products and Services

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If you have an online business, you should consider using surveys to gather feedback from your customers. When you use this information to improve your company’s products and services, it can help increase your customer retention rates. Also, it’s a great way to nurture your relationship with your customers. By asking for their opinion on your products and/or services, you can show them you really care about their needs.

Creating your own survey is simple. You can use a free option, such as Google Forms, to create a really basic survey that includes multiple choice questions, checkboxes, and fields for customers to input longer answers. Alternatively, cloud-based survey software companies, such as QuestionPro, offer both free and paid versions of their service. Paid versions typically let you customize your survey with nice touches like your business logo. Some give you the option of displaying specific questions depending on your customer’s answer. For example, if you asked your customer if they were happy with their purchase, the next question that customer sees could be either “What do you like most about the product?” or “What did you dislike about the product?” depending on how they answered the original question.

Since business concerns and requirements may vary from company to company, it is extremely important to understand the field service software’s compatibility with your business requirements.

When creating your survey you should make sure the goal of the survey is clear to your customers. When customers know why you’re trying to gather information, they are more likely to leave helpful answers. You should also keep your surveys short and focused. You don’t make your customers work too hard — if you do they might not finish your survey.

Ultimately, gathering opinions from your customers is always a good thing. It tells you what your customers like and dislike about your company and products. So you know what products to promote more and where you need to improve.

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