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GST Refund Status: How to Track?

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Claiming a refund under GST is easy and can be done online on the GST portal by filing form GST RFD – 01.

Once the registered taxpayer files the form, he can track the GST refund status on the portal itself. This article talks about the complete process of tracking GST refund status both after and before logging into the GST portal.

Track GST Refund Status Post Login

Login to the GST Portal

Access the GST portal with your username and password details. Then click ‘Services’ on the homepage of the portal. Then under ‘Services’ select ‘Refunds’ and then choose ‘Track Application Status’.

gst refund status

gst refund status

  • Enter ARN or Filing Year

On the Track Application page two options get displayed – Filing Year and ARN. You can track your application either using ‘Filing Year’ option or ‘ARN’ option. In this article, we will track refund application status using ARN option. Enter the ARN and then click the ‘Search’ button

gst status

Display of Search Results

  • Your dashboard will display details pertaining to your ARN. These details include ARN date, status of ARN, reason of refund claimed, amount of refund claimed etc.

gst status online

  • Other Details

You can check other details related to the search criteria by scrolling the bar and moving it to the right side.

gst status 2020

Cases Were Bank Validation Fails
In case your dashboard displays the status of your bank account validation as failed, this means you need to update your bank account details. Click on the ‘Update Bank Account’ in order to update the details. You would also receive an SMS and email on your registered email id and mobile number in case your bank account validation has failed on the GST portal. gst status 2020

  • Update Bank Account

In case you click on the ‘Update Bank Account’, the Update Bank Account’ page gets displayed. Here, you can either select a different bank account from the dropdown list or add a new bank account or correct the details for the existing bank account by filing non – core amendment application of registration. 

Then you can update the bank account from here. Thus, once you update the details, the bank account will be validated again. And the disbursal of the refund amount will be credited to the bank account selected here.  

Further, the refund application form will be updated with a new bank account number along with the reference number.

gst status online

  • Select Account Number

In order to add the new bank account number, select account number from the dropdown list.


check gst status

  • Click Proceed

Then, details of the selected bank account in the previous step get auto populated. Following this, click ‘Proceed’ button.

gst status check

  • Display of Warning

On clicking the ‘Proceed’ button, a warning gets displayed regarding the updated bank account to be used for disbursement of refund amount in future. Click on the ‘Proceed’ button to update the bank account details.

gst statuses

  • Select the Check Box

On clicking the ‘Proceed’ button in the above step, a ‘Declaration Page’ gets displayed. Select the check box and also select the authorized signatory from the dropdown list.

gst online status check

  • Click File With DSC or EVC

After filling the authorized signatory details, file the refund application either with DSC or EVC. Click the requisite button as shown in the image below.

gst status online check 2020

  • Click Proceed

Once you choose the suitable option out of DSC or EVC, a warning would be displayed proclaiming that you are about to update the bank details. Click the ‘Proceed’ button.

gst online status

  • Enter OTP

On click ‘Proceed’ the screen will display ‘OTP Verification Pop Up’ Enter the OTP sent on the email id and mobile number of the authorized signatory registered at the GST portal. Then click ‘Verify’ button.

gst online status

  • Display of Success message

On verifying the OTP, a success message gets displayed proclaiming that the bank account is updated successfully for the refund application. If bank account validation is successfully verified on the GST portal, the taxpayer will receive an SMS and email on his registered mobile number and email address. 

gst registration status

Track GST Refund Status Pre-Login

  • Go to GST Portal

Go to GST portal. On the homepage click ‘Services’ tab. Under services select’ Refunds’ and then choose ‘Track Application Status’. This will take you to Track Application Page.

gst status

  • Enter ARN

On ‘Track Application Status Page’ fill your ARN in the requisite field and click ‘Search’ button. The page will show relevant information relating to refund claims on clicking ‘Search’.

gst status

Track Refund Status for IGST

  • Login to GST Portal

To track refund of IGST or cess paid on account of export of goods, navigate to

gst status

 Services > Refunds > Track status of invoice data to be shared with ICEGATE. 

  • Select Financial Year and Month

Select the relevant financial year and month from the dropdown and the click on ‘Search’. The search results will be displayed for the period for which refund application is submitted. For taxpayers filing tax returns quarterly, select last month of the quarter.

gst status

  • View Invoice Levels Details

To view the details of the invoices not transmitted to ICEGATE and invoices rejected by ICEGATE, click on the hyperlink in the count column.

gst online status

  • Click Download Failed Invoices

Click on the ‘download failed invoices’ button to view the validation errors against each invoice and take necessary corrective action.

gst status

  • Display of Failed Invoices

On clicking the ‘Download Failed Invoices’ button, the screen will display the details pertaining to the Failed Invoices.

gst status online


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