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2018-08-09 00:09:44Hiring & HREnglishTo keep your millennial employees long term, it's important to understand what matters to them and what makes their employment experiences... Ways To Keep Your Millennial Employees Long Term

4 Ways To Keep Your Millennial Employees Long Term

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Millennials make up more than 50% of India’s workforce, so if you have recently hired employees, chances are that they’re in this age bracket. The job scene has changed dramatically since millennials came of age and started looking for jobs, and their expectations of employers differ from those of previous generations. To keep your millennial employees long term, it’s important to understand what matters to them and what makes their employment experiences meaningful.

Offer Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is very important for millennials. Employees in this age bracket look for jobs where employers make it easy for them to balance their work and home lives. To help your millennial-aged employees balance their lives, you might consider rethinking traditional working hours. In some cases, having your employees work the traditional 9-to-5 schedule is unavoidable. But when possible, it’s a good idea to offer flexible working schedules. A flexible schedule offers your employees many benefits, including the option to begin their commute to work or home after rush hour. A shortened commute reduces fatigue and improves productivity.

Make Growth Possible

Millennials want jobs that offer exposure to new experiences and provide opportunities for growth. These types of opportunities can come in the form of training and workshops, but they don’t have to. For example, you can excite your employees by giving them new and interesting responsibilities that allow them to learn new skills.

Millennials also don’t like being bored at work. For this reason, try not to shy away from letting them take the reins of projects. With the right supervision, you should expect them to be successful. An added bonus of trusting millennial employees with important tasks is that you benefit from their innovative spirit and creativity, which may give your business a competitive edge.

Use Technology for Flexibility

Technology isn’t new for millennials. They’ve been using laptops, tablets, and smartphones since they were young. They know about cloud computing and apps, and they know that these things make it possible for them to do some of their job functions off-site. So when possible, consider offering your employees the option to telecommute. Depending on their job responsibilities, you might schedule your employees to be in the office on certain days of the week or for client meetings as long as you’re satisfied with their work.

Be Transparent

Your millennial workforce won’t sit by while a team of higher-ups makes the rules behind closed doors. This generation wants transparency, and you can achieve this by having open communication in the workplace. Your management team might be older, and it may take them some time to get used to being approached by employees. If this happens, you might remind them that your goal is retention and that open communication makes for a better workplace.

You might have to bend a few of your own rules to keep your millennial employees long term, but this is key to having fun training this next generation of leaders.

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