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Is Your Workplace ready for Millennials?

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In today’s workplace, Millennials (born between 1981 and early 2000s), account for a large portion of the workforce. A recent study by Deloitte Global study says that Millennials prefer to work for employers who make a positive impact on the world. They are less traditional and put a higher priority on flexibility and control. Here are steps that your company can leverage to create an environment suitable for Millennials:

Be a mentor: Generation Y is a completely different segment from Boomers or Generation X. If you want to get the best out of the Millennials, you have to invest in them. You have to give them a mentor to teach them how to find their way in the workplace. This will have to be someone who is proficient at their job and is able to inspire them.

Collaboration: When it comes to marketing to Millennials, the first thing that comes to mind is having a collaborative work-culture. They are based on trust, transparency, open communication, role clarity and a common vision.  You must codify relationships between decision rights, accountability and rewards and ensure that all levels of the organization embrace it and are treated equal.

Keep them challenged: You need to challenge Millennials as they seek ever-changing tasks within their work. Provide them with constant stimulation, new projects and learning opportunities. If their work turns out to be falling into a routine, they could lose interest. You should provide Millennials with challenges as they seek them.

Work from anywhere: Think of work as this mantra – Work is what we do, not where we are.  Companies should switch to a more social and mobile environment.  Your SMB should allow your employees to work from home or on the go. Generation Y is seen to be very tech savy and this would help them communicate via email or work with office software whether it is on mobile, tablet or computer. Collaborative tools can be used to link virtual teams creating a space for learning that increase competitiveness and the bottom-line.

Work-life integration: Today’s workplace has seen a dramatic change wherein work is a 24 by 7 connected world where professionals have to blend their personal and professional lifestyles. The shift from work-life balance to work-life integration has been fueled by technology as well as the blurred boundaries between work and family time. Your SMB needs to encourage leaders to be open to flexible work schedules as well as openly discussing ways to blend demands.

Innovation: When marketing your business as a workplace to Millennials, you need to understand that they are always looking for what is new, different, or innovative. The question that you need to ask when innovating is – What can you point to that is cutting edge, new or innovative? This should allow Millennials to think beyond their work assignments and you should create new avenues to nurture innovation.

Increase responsibility: Based on the Millennials performance, you should give them scope for responsibility. This creates a sense of ownership, while making them feel connected and appreciated by the organization. With greater responsibility they can understand the bigger picture and be more productive with their work.

Social media coverage: If you have create a mobile-friendly business and a social media page, then leave it to Generation Y to structure your social media campaigns and coverage. All you need to do is guide them and learn in the process.

By maintaining a suitable environment for Millennials at the workplace, you are sure to nurture them and see them grow. They are no different from employees that are in another age group. Generation Y thrives on increased responsibility, growth and development, recognition for achievement, and work-life integration.  What your SMB needs to do is to create an environment that is keeps challenging them and provides enough space for innovation.

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