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2018-08-08 23:59:20HR and Management: Company CultureEnglishYou don't need to splurge to treat your staff to fun team building activities. Just think outside the box a bit. This article illustrates... Fun Team Building Activities for Small Businesses

5 Fun Team Building Activities for Small Businesses

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Could your company’s teamwork use a boost? Building a team takes time and effort, but the results are worth it. Team building reduces work-related stress, improves morale, and helps employees get to know each other outside of an office environment. Happy employees are more productive, helping to increase your company’s bottom line. You don’t need to splurge to treat your staff to fun team building activities. Just think outside the box a bit. Here are some fun team building activities you must consider.

1) Hold a Potluck

Food brings people together. While paying for the entire staff’s lunch can be expensive, a potluck drastically reduces the cost of the feast. Find a nice outdoor area with some picnic tables, and just enjoy the day. Before the event, you can have your employees collaborate on which dishes they plan to bring. Of course, bringing food should be optional, as you never know the budgets of your employees. Provide a few main staple dishes, and then allow your team to bring their favorite side dishes.

2) Have a Game Day

A little friendly competition can really unite your team. Whether you’re playing cricket outdoors or chess in the break room, board games and sports force your team to work together and interact beyond the typical professional work environment. You want everyone to be excited about the day, so you may want to have your team vote on a few favorite games and sports. Don’t forget to include a trophy or some sort of prize for the winners.

3) Host a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts require very little spending, as you can use items you probably already have sitting around the office. They’re also the perfect team outing for encouraging collaboration and teamwork. You can hide paper clips, pens, and other common supplies throughout the office, or even in a designated outdoor area if you want to really go big with it. If you’re using office items, you may want to mark the hidden items with a piece of colored tape to differentiate them from other standard office supplies. Have your employees pair up and check items off the list as they find them, and then give a prize to the team that finishes the list first.

4) Do Arts and Crafts

Holding an arts and crafts day gives your team members the opportunity to express themselves and flaunt their creative sides. You don’t need an elaborate art studio to create beautiful pieces of art. Paper, markers, and paint do the trick just fine. You could also provide string and beads for making jewelry. You can even turn making art into a fun game. For example, choose an animal, and then have everyone draw that animal from memory and compare the results.

5) Practice Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax, and it promotes a sense of well-being and togetherness. All you need is a mat and a spare room or outdoor area to get started. You can hire a yoga practitioner to come and host the event, or see if any of your employees are willing to share their knowledge. Even just encouraging your team to meditate for a half hour halfway through the day can really bring a welcome calmness to your workspace.

If you’re having trouble thinking of fun team-building activities for your group, there’s nothing wrong with asking for ideas. After all, everyone has their own unique preferences, and giving them a say in the decision shows you value their input. No matter which activity you choose, your team will appreciate a change of pace from the typical workday.

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