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2019-01-23 11:53:24HR and Management: Human ResourcesEnglishA job description must be effective enough to creates the urgency on the part of candidates to apply. Here are tips on how to write a job... To Write A Job Description?

How To Write A Job Description?

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Are you trying to find the right candidate for a job position in your company? Do you want the cream of the crop to click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, on your job posting? . If yes, then the first step to allure a quality candidate is to create an impressive job description. It may sound weird in the beginning. But it all begins with what and how you communicate about:

  • your company,
  • the specific job title,
  • its responsibilities and requirements via a job description to the potential candidates.

Your job description must be effective enough so that it creates the urgency to apply.

Google’s Job Posting For Campaign Manager

Look at the way Google did it in its recent job posting for a Campaign Manager. It clearly described the day-to-day activity, functions of gTech team and culture at Google. It gave every reason to the right candidate to work with them. The most impressive part of the job description was the gtech team video embedded towards the middle. It showed various team members and their experience working with the gTech team. Still another was a section towards the end about celebrating culture diversity and Google being an equal opportunity employer.

The Changing Hiring Landscape

You can see the change coming in the way recruiters are approaching this whole recruitment thing. They are tired of endless hours of screening and scheduling leading to inefficient hiring.

Companies globally are seen adopting newer hiring tools, using data and artificial intelligence to hire the best talent. They are embracing diversity not only to improve culture, but also the bottom lines. 78% of the companies are welcoming diversity to improve culture. Whereas 62% are doing so to their boost financial performance. They are fine – tuning their job descriptions, making them inclusive, to attract diverse talent. Google in its job postings dedicates a section to equal employer opportunity.

Internet too has changed the way job seekers search and apply for jobs. Online resources are increasingly becoming important in the job searches undertaken by job seekers.

Hence, its critical to adapt to these hiring trends so as to hire the right candidates. And it must all start with designing job descriptions, keeping some of these trends in the backdrop. Before heading towards the elements of a job description, let’s have a look at some of the key points you must consider for doing it right.

I. Writing a Job Description Best Practices

1. Create A Job Title That Converts

a) Make The Job Title SEO Friendly

With increased world – wide connectivity, recruiters are increasingly going online in search of fresh talent. More than 60% of job seekers across the world use internet to search for jobs. Hence, its crucial to have a job title that is search engine optimized. It not only makes your job description searchable, but also makes it reach the right candidates.

b) Keep It Specific, Clear and Descriptive

When it comes to job title, there is no specific character range that is deemed idle. Both too short (30 characters and less) and too long (80 characters and more) job titles do not affect the click to apply ratio greatly. However, job titles that are explanatory and clearly define the job role influence the decision of job seekers to apply to a great extent.

2. Craft Job Description Strategically to Attract Right Candidates

a) These Should Neither Be Too Short Nor Too Long

Your job details can help you increase the ROI of your recruitment campaigns. Too short job descriptions (within 2,000 characters) can draw merely 6.7% click-to-apply response. A long description of around 8,000 to 10,000 characters can draw a nearly similar click-to-apply response. Description containing 4,000 to 5,000 characters can receive more than 15% click-to-apply response.

b) These Should Be Data-Driven to Develop Interest of Correct Candidates

Today, most companies use the power of data to understand problems and implement growth strategies. Using data to understand the skill gap and knowing hiring requirements can help you create job descriptions that are backed by authentic data. This can certainly increase the effectiveness of your job descriptions. And help you reach the people with niche skills faster as it is designed keeping their skills and job expectations in mind.

c) Ensure Search Engine Optimization for Increased Visibility

Although including synonyms in content is suggested to increase its online organic visibility, there are better ways to achieve the same. Structuring data must be an indispensable part of your SEO efforts. Also, labelling data clearly can help search engines to index and push it in results across multiple devices. And finally, search engines discover words that usually occur together. So make sure you are following SEO strategies while designing job descriptions.

d) Advocate Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Belongingness

According to a recent study, women only apply when they meet 100% requirements mentioned in job description. On the other hand, men apply if they meet 60% requirements. This is making companies cut on their job requirements to avoid losing out on good candidates. Also, companies are dedicating a section to equal employer opportunity in job description to make candidates understand that they value diversity.

d) Interact With Prospective Candidates Instead of Simply Pushing Information

A job description should not overwhelm candidates with information, industry jargons and general information about the job role. Ensure that its designed in such a way that it talks to the deserving candidates. It should answer their queries with regards to job responsibilities and requirements, the way a representative from the company would answer.

e)Mention Salary Details

Never miss the salary part, as it lends authentication to your job description. This can be an attention grabber for job seekers and can double the number of job applicants.

f) Spelling and Grammatical Errors Make You Lose Right Candidates at the First Appearance

Spelling and grammar mistakes can send a wrong impression about your company. Job seekers tend to reject such job descriptions more often than not. Spend time in checking your final copy for grammatical and spelling errors, before posting online. Make use of free online tools to make your work easy and effective.

Having known the right practices, let us now look at job description format and things you need to include in the body of job description.

II. Job Description Format

There is a format which most companies adhere to in order to come up with compelling job descriptions. Keep this in mind while crafting one for your company.

1) Job Title

Start with the title of the position that you seek to fill.

2) Job Summary

There are several things you need to include in job summary. These include:

Job Location

You must include information about the location of the proposed job. It makes your job description authentic and helps you optimize your advertisement on search engines. It also helps candidates to make important decisions.

What Purpose (Results) the Position Seeks to Achieve

Clearly mention the purpose of the job position or the key results you expect to generate. Also specify how these are expected to be achieved.

What Set of Knowledge, Skills and Experience Would Lead to Desired Results

Mention the skills required to achieve the expected results. This helps the potential candidates to learn about the skill set, experience and talent your company is looking for.

Highlight Perks of Being a Member of the Team And Role Mentioned

In other words, sell your job. Highlight the benefits, perks, reputation, location and many such encouraging factors that candidates will be entitled to, if they are a part of the team.

Specify Employment Type

Mention if its a part-time or full-time job. Likewise, you can mention whether the job is hourly, weekly or regular basis.

3) Job Responsibilities

List The Responsibilities Clearly and Concisely

Include the key responsibilities of the job title you are recruiting new candidates for. Prefer a clear and concise list of job responsibilities.

Help Candidates See The Day to Day Tasks

Helping them see a day at work will help them understand the essence of the job and work environment as well.

Specify How The Job Fits Into the Organization

Indicate how the candidate will function within the organization. How his or her involvement can benefit the company.

4) Job Requirements

Ask For What is Realistic

You may have a long list of qualifications for the proposed job position. However, you should trim it down. Mention the ones that are must haves. Too many requirements may overwhelm the right candidates and hold them back from applying for the job.

List Them So That They Are Easy to Understand

Always put the requirements in a list as it becomes really easy for the candidates to go through them.

5) About Company

Highlight Your Company’s Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion And Belongingness
Do not just use these phrases for the heck of it. Explain how you will keep your promises and let your workforce enjoy an open and friendly working environment.

6) Call to Action

Include a user-friendly call to action part that can make the task for job seekers easy. Design the “Apply Now” button with eye-catchy visuals so that visitors can find the option easily.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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