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2018-08-08 01:14:28HR and Management: Managing EmployeesEnglishThe more your employees are productive, the more your profits rise. Here are some tips on how to increase productivity of your employees. To Improve Productivity At Workplace?

How To Improve Productivity At Workplace?

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Your employees are the engine of your small business — the more productive they are, the more your profits rise. Increasing employee productivity is rarely a straightforward process. Each person works differently, so it can take some experimentation to find a strategy that fits. By staying flexible, you can help motivate your staff to make the most of their time.

How To Improve Productivity Of Your Employees?


Require Regular Breaks

Although it seems counter-intuitive, short breaks can actually help your employees get more done. Breaks from work have big benefits: They reduce stress, boost motivation, and increase productivity. Basically, they give the brain a chance to rest. After 10 to 15 minutes, your staff can go back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another task.

The trick? Convincing employees to actually step away from work. If you notice that your staff members never leave their desks, they may be heading for burnout. In that case, you might consider making breaks a requirement for everyone in the office, including you. For each eight-hour shift, you could mandate two 15-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch. That way, everyone has a chance to breathe and relax during a busy day.

Provide Training

Sometimes, employees simply don’t have the skills they need to be more productive. If your staff are smart and hardworking, but still aren’t meeting goals, training can help. The most effective training is hyper-focused on your employees’ daily tasks. If they’re using Photoshop software, for example, you might bring in someone to teach them shortcuts and efficient workflows within the software. If they’re struggling to meet sales targets, you could hire a sales trainer to talk about effective cold calling and lead management.

Embrace Social Media

Have you banned social media websites as a way to increase productivity? A better option might be to embrace these networking platforms. As long as your workers don’t spend hours at a time on Twitter, social media can actually be a benefit. Your employees will appreciate a less-restrictive policy, and in turn may be more engaged in their jobs. Short Facebook and Instagram breaks can also provide a chance for the brain to relax between tasks. Plus, if you rely on employees for marketing and networking, social media platforms play an important role.

Avoid Micromanaging

As a business owner, it’s natural to want to stay connected to every part of your company. When you’re too involved, however, it can actually slow things down. Think about your workflow — do you approve every decision, no matter how small? Do employees wait on your feedback before proceeding? Do you weigh in on small issues? If so, you can help increase productivity by stepping back and allowing your employees the autonomy to make decisions on their own. As a bonus, this can also help boost employee morale by showing your staff that you have confidence in their abilities.

As you start to implement strategies to increase productivity, it’s helpful to track results. When you know what works for your team, you can double down to create the best possible office setup.

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