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2018-08-03 00:10:07HR and Management: Company CultureEnglish5 Ways to Motivate Your Team Without Financial Incentives: Motivated employees are a big asset for your company. They're enthusiastic,... Ways to Motivate Your Team Without Financial Incentives

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team Without Financial Incentives

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Motivated employees are a big asset for your company. They’re enthusiastic, engaged, and willing to go the extra mile for the business. Don’t have room in the budget for bonuses or raises? Don’t worry — job satisfaction is about more than money. The right non-cash perks can be just as meaningful as financial rewards.

Flexible Working Options

When your employees are happy in their personal lives, it’s easier to stay motivated at the office. How can you help? Consider offering flexible working options, such as working from home one day a week or flexible hours to accommodate personal commitments during office hours. A little bit of flexibility can go a long way toward reducing stress and creating a better work-life balance.

Help Employees Succeed

Your staff works to make a living, but they’re also there to build a career. As the owner, you can motivate employees by supporting their professional goals. If your graphic designer wants to own a business, take them along to your management class or connect them with a mentor who runs a design company. If your receptionist wants to become a coder, offer on-the-job training during your next programming project. Investing in your workers’ success helps them grow and shows that you care. As a bonus, it builds a more powerful team.

Plan for Fun

When is the last time your team had a chance to relax? After a busy season or a demanding project, consider planning a fun outing for your staff. Go out to lunch, go bowling, or spend the afternoon at the movies. If your team is sporty, you might also join a local sports league. Informal get-togethers give everyone a break from the daily grind and build friendly relationships. You’ll come out the other side as a happier, stronger, and more motivated team.

Allow Autonomy

If you’ve ever worked for a micromanager, you know how tough it is to stay motivated when someone is looking over your shoulder. Build a positive culture by giving your employees autonomy. When you allow your staff some freedom, it lets them that you trust them, and they’re more likely to take initiative and come up with innovative solutions.

Create a Sense of Purpose

No one feels motivated every second of the day — after all, it’s normal to be bored by certain tasks. That’s where a sense of purpose can help. When your employees feel connected to the company’s overall mission, it’s easier to power through the occasional rough spot.

First, however, you need to link your staff to your customers. One option is to show employees how their work affects people for the better. If you sell educational games, for example, you could visit a classroom to see your products in action. You could also create a personal connection by inviting more workers into client meetings.

When you go the extra mile to motivate employees, it does more than increase productivity. Over time, your efforts can build a happier team and a great corporate culture that attracts the industry’s best talent.

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