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Interior Designing firms specialise in projects that involve designing and decoration of interiors or spaces, keeping intact utilitarian and aesthetical needs of the inhabitant(s) of that space. It recreates a living environment within matching resources and socio-cultural and emotional requirements.




Interior Designing is not new in India, what will all the wonderfully done interiors of the hundreds of monuments and places of worship across our country for thousands of years. All this while, interior designing formed an integral part of its larger discipline, Architecture. However, in the late 1980s, interior designing came to be recognised as a separate discipline and with the liberalization of the economy in 199, the profession of designing and decorating interiors has grown by leaps and bounds. So much so that, it’s scope has widened to include:


Residential Design:Involving private houses, bungalows, condominiums, farmhouses etc. • Office Space: For corporate houses, government buildings. • Retail & Commercial Space: Including boutiques, department stores, malls, food and retailing centres. • Entertainment Space: Including movies halls, theaters, theme parks, clubs, dramatic and musical theatre. • Hospitality: Including restaurants, country clubs and hotels.


Areas of expertise:


The job of an interior designer includes not only conceptualising, designing and executing the interiors of a space, but also its decoration. Hence, they specialise in:


• Conceptual design • Space planning • Schematic design (Scheming and Visioning) • Character and theme development • Lifestyle space planning • Furniture, fabric, color and accessory selectionFixed finishes planning, design, and selection • Floor and wall treatment selections • Plumbing fixtures, Lighting fixtures and appliances. • Kitchen and bath design • Cabinetry • Construction documents and construction administration • Specifications and value engineering • Additions, renovations and remodels • Pricing, sourcing, ordering and storage of furniture and accessories • Custom installation


Industry Figures:


Though largely an unorganised sector, a recent study indicates that the interior designing market in India is growing at a whopping 60 per cent!!!




The key drivers in the growth of interior designing firms in India are:


• Construction boom in all major cities and in most small towns in India. • Growth of disposable income among the middle class population. • Rising need for professional help to make the limited living and working space more comfortable, beautiful and practical. • Rising number of exhibitions and decors in big cities and towns.




However, some of the pertinent issues faced by professionals desirous of in setting up an interior designing venture are:


• Requires high level of networking and contacts. • The gestation period can be high as it depends greatly on goodwill and reputation of executed projects. • Requires good technical knowledge in Auto CAD and other computer related programs.


The opportunities is interior designing are immense. They are increasingly catering to the demands of environmental, social and ethical balance. It is slowing but surely coming of age and aligning itself to global needs and expectations.