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2020-03-30 08:47:47invoiceEnglishCustomize an Invoice in QuickBooks is easily while making it appear as a fully professional looking with all details required as per the... to Customize an Invoice in QuickBooks?

How to Customize an Invoice in QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks customizes any invoice easily while making it appear as a fully professional looking with all details required as per the invoice template. Learn how:

  • Log in to QuickBooks. Click ‘Sales’ -> ‘Invoices’ from the left navigation bar.

customize invoice in qb

  • Invoice window appears with the list of invoices created so far.
  • customize invoiceSelect the ‘invoice’ that you want to customize by clicking anywhere on the invoice row e.g. invoice no. 1009 for customer Jayamma.

quickbooks invoice

  • Edit Invoice screen appears. The first panel has “Design”, Content and Emails. Design is selected by default. Click “Dive in templates” – various design options are shown just below the “Design”. Select any design that you deem fit – for example, we have selected “Bold”. Any time you can change the template by clicking “change up the template”.

invoice in quickbooks

  • Change the font colour, style, size and edit print settings.

quickbooks invoice

  • To change the content of the invoice, click “Content” from the first panel (next to ‘Design’). Now on the right side, on the invoice template, you change the content from top to bottom – start anywhere as you wish by clicking the “pencil icon” (pencil icon means to edit). For example, I have changed the top content by clicking the “pencil” icon.


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