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Forms & Declarations To be submitted to Registrar of Companies

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In India, companies that are formed under the Companies Act, 1956 have to work under the regulation of the Registrar of Companies for the submission of numerous forms, documents and declarations. These submissions are in the nature of Annual Filings and Other Filings. Here is an insight into what the filing compliance’s are – Annual Filings –Form 23AC – The Balance Sheet as adopted in the Annual General Meeting of the company • Form 23ACA – The Profit & Loss A/C as adopted in the Annual General Meeting of the company • Form 20B (Companies that have share capital) – File the Annual Return within 60 days of the AGM • Form 21A (Companies that do not have share capital) – File the Annual Return within 60 days of the AGM • Form 23B – Intimation of the appointment of the statutory auditor of the company within 30 days of receiving an appointment letter from the company • Form 66 – Companies with paid-up capital of more than INR10 lakhs have to file a compliance certificate with the ROC online. The certificate must be from the company secretary and has to be filed within 30 days of the company’s AGM   Other Filings – These filings are dependent on the event of a change in the company’s working such as – • In case of changes in Shares or Share Capital of the company such as – – Change in the authorized/paid-up capital – In case of allotment of new shares – In case of transfer of shares – In case of invitation to subscribe for shares – If shares are issued to the directors or employees of the company – If there has been a sub-division of the face value of the shares   • Events related to company directors – – Change in the composition of the Board of Directors – Appointment of a managing director and details of his/her remuneration – Appointment of a whole-time director and details of his/her remuneration – Loans to directors or to firms/companies where they are a partner or members – Acceptance of deposits from relatives of directors   • Changes in Bank Accounts – – In case of opening or the closing of bank accounts – In case of change in the signatories of a bank account   • Changes related to company loans – – Change in terms of loan taken – Full payment of the amount of loan taken against the property of the company   • Investments – – Investment in shares or other securities – Giving loans to other companies – Sale or purchase of the fixed assets of the Company   • New Business/Partnerships – – Entering into new business /Partnership – Doing the business with a non-resident or a foreign citizen – Amalgamation of the company with other company   • Changes in the basic structure of the company – – Change in the Memorandum or Articles of Association of the company – Any changes in the registered office of the company – Appointment or change of the statutory auditors of the Company – Executing the documents under the common seal of the Company

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