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2018-08-03 00:09:09Marketing a Business: Social MediaEnglishFacebook is a favorite platform for marketers to luanch to a new product. Here are some tips on how to market on facebook to reach your... 5 Tips On How To Market On Facebook?

Top 5 Tips On How To Market On Facebook?

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Launching a new product is exciting and requires a well-defined and well-executed marketing strategy. If your budget is minimal, your product launch strategy should include use of social media, where costs are also minimal. Many small businesses make Facebook platform the heart of their new product launch marketing plan. Therefore, by following some key tips on how to market on Facebook, they get a lot of bang for their buck.

1. Keep Things Easy


The point of marketing is to engage your visitors and convert them to purchasers. As a rule, you shouldn’t demand much more from them at first. Facebook isn’t the place to collect customers’ email addresses or to ask users to take long, complicated surveys. If you do run a survey or contest to engage potential customers, try to keep them short. That is, one to three steps at the most. Offer users the chance to click over to your website by linking to it. But you probably shouldn’t require they do so to engage with your brand.

2. Launch Within a Tight Timeline


Product launches have traditionally included a long timeline. This involved teasing the release of the product for weeks or months. Don’t expect to find that kind of patience or enduring curiosity among your Facebook visitors. Focus instead on a short, tight time frame of about a week. Pack in constant reminders of your launch during that time. This creates a sense of urgency, with each mention of your launch reinforcing the next mention. If you’re running a survey or a contest, make the deadlines clear to get visitors to act.

3. Ask for Likes, Comments and Shares


Go ahead and ask your visitors to like and follow your Facebook page. You can offer bonuses for page likes. Perhaps your page followers can receive a pre-sale option so they can purchase your product before anyone else. Or maybe you can offer them a small discount. If you’re running a contest, only allow visitors who’ve liked your page to participate.

4. Offer Incentives


If you’re staging a contest as part of your product launch, offer a prize that’s worth winning. And keep those incentives going on your Facebook page so that your new followers have a reason to pay attention to your posts. Free samples or time-dependent discounts (“20% off for the next 24 hours!”) on a regular basis train your visitors to keep their eyes open for your posts. Attach a dedicated link to take them to a special page on your website. Or provide a discount code that they can use when completing their purchase.

5. Target Your Audience


Facebook offers a lot of tools to make sure your messages reach your desired audience. Buying post boosts and ads is relatively inexpensive, and Facebook works with most businesses’ budgets. You can customize the target audience for your boosts and ads, so think carefully about who you want to reach. If you’ve already developed customer personas as part of your new product launch marketing plan, now is the time to use them.

As you design the Facebook marketing plan for your product launch, keep track of the data you’re gathering on your customers. Facebook provides a wealth of free analytic tools to its business users. You can use what you learn to tweak your marketing campaign and plan for your next product launch.

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