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5 Ideas to Market Your Second Location

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Opening a second location is a big decision for any business to take. After careful consideration and planning, if you decide to open a second location for your business, it becomes important that you get the word out there and start marketing the presence of the location. Here are some ideas to do just that:

1. Create Buzz Around the Opening

It is essential that your customers and potential customers know about the opening of a new branch of your business. A great way to let them know is by throwing a large opening party.

This is an excellent way to let people know about your business and create an informal setting where they don’t feel the pressure to buy your products or service. An opening party is also a great way to thank your staff who have probably worked overtime to get your second location off the ground.

2. Have a Contest on Social Media

We all realize that Social Media is an excellent way to reach and engage customers. To market your new location you could run a campaign on one or more of your social media channels. It is up to you to choose which one but ensure you pick the one that is most suited to your product or you are most comfortable with. An agency can be called in to help you in case you decide to tackle something more technical like an app.

A great idea is to run a Facebook contest and target your posts through advertisements to Facebook users who live or work in and around your new location.

3. Create an Offer or Giveaway that Highlights your New Location

An offer or free giveaway is always a good idea to boost sales. In the case of a second location, it is a good idea to use the sales of one space to seed the sales of the second. This was existing customers get to know about your second location and will visit it if they are in the area or if it is more convenient for them.

They could also pass on coupons or offers to their friends and family who live near your second location. Ensure this happens by incentivizing a Refer a Friend Program in your offer. This can add an aspect of virality to any campaign or offer scheme you run.

4. List your Second Location Online and Offline

Ensure you perform all the required steps to gain visibility for your second location, just like you did with the first. Ensure that you have listed it on all your social media channels and online and offline directories that are available. Ensure that these entries are search engine optimized so that people looking for your service is also able to find your second location as easily as they would have found the first.

5. Hire a Vehicle for Promotions

In India, it seems like only politicians take advantage of the mobile potential of hiring a vehicle for marketing. To announce your store opening hire a promotional vehicle or customize the paint job on your existing company car, drive this vehicle around the surrounding neighborhoods in your location. Create a festival-like atmosphere and do not hide behind a loudspeaker.

Get out there and meet new people as they could be potential customers. Find out the pain points in the area and explore the idea of sponsoring a drive to address them. The goodwill of your new neighbors will take your business a long way.

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