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Anatomy of a Great Mailer

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Marketing by mail is critical in developing leads for small businesses. Here’s how you can make your marketing campaign a hit. Your direct marketing efforts – through email or traditional mail – are like billboard ads delivered in the hands of the customer. They are your way to reach out to current and potential customers in order to show how you can add value. The only difference is that it’s more cost effective and your audience can’t just drive past your efforts. A mailer is something that your target customer is going to read at his or her convenience. The challenge is that, not only do you have to get this customer to open or view the mail but you only have a few quick seconds to make your pitch before they move on to something else.

Here are six foolproof ideas to consider when creating a mailer:

‘Something has to dominate:

Award Winning Copywriter Luke Sullivan says,” whether it’s a big headline, a large visual, or a single word floating in white space, somebody’s got to be the boss.” This draws the attention of the audience to a central element, rather than letting their thoughts scatter by looking at a crowed marketing brochure.

KISS and tell :

Keep it Simple Silly (KISS) is the way to go. No one wants to read a lot of text or look at a confusing layout. Most people don’t have the time or the patience to read cluttered messages and are more likely to respond to simplicity in content.

Be conversational;

Write as you would speak to a customer. Unless the rest of your communication style is formal, do not use this tone in a direct mailer. Remember you are not sharing a rehearsed speech but are looking to interact with your audience and prod them into action.

Make it stand out:

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Develop your own brand identity with the use of consistent design styles, colors, language and more. Avoid unnecessary gimmicks as it could make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Get them to open it:

Ask questions, include incentives and use clever wording to engage your audience. Use these tactics on the subject line or the envelope to tempt people to open and read further.If your budget allows it, send some teasers ahead of the mailer to pique their interest.

Details matter:

Don’t ever forget to include relevant details on dates, places, or prices. Think of ways to creatively integrate these with the rest of the content in order to maintain the flow of your mailer.

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