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Can a Strong Content Strategy work better than SEO?

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Ever since Google’s Penguin update, marketers have wondered whether a revamp is in order for their content marketing strategies. While this is a valid point to consider, one must remember that SEO and content marketing are not mutually exclusive. Striking the right balance between the two should be the aim of all businesses and marketers.

While SEO aims at making your website search engine-friendly, content marketing offers a more holistic approach to how your site is designed and whether the content is visitor-friendly and useful. A strong content strategy integrates quality content with solid SEO implementation. Here are the best ways to strengthen your content strategy which would, in turn, improve your overall SEO as well:

1. Create shareable content:

Do your research, and think about the audience your content is aimed at. Develop content that would seem unique, compelling or interesting enough for your audience to share. Since a large percentage of your traffic usually comes from social channels, keep that in mind when creating content.

2. Perform thorough keyword research:

The key is to work on the content that people are searching for – this will not only work in terms of your SEO but will also ensure that you only work on the content that is relevant to your audience. Therefore, doing thorough research on the focus keywords for your content is vital.

3. Offer value:

The purpose of your content should be to provide information that is valuable and unique, to compel your audience to read it and share it with others. Ensure that you offer advice, tips, information or little-known facts while creating content.

4. Relate your content to your brand:

Ensure that there is a solid connection between what your brand sells and the content you put up. This will not only let people associate your content and your brand with your vertical but will also establish you as an industry expert.

5. Syndicate your content:

Word-of-mouth is getting increasingly crucial for the success of interesting content when customers share interesting links on social channels. Inviting influential bloggers or writers as ‘guests’ will also increase visibility for your brand and boost your online presence.

Finally, for a content marketing strategy that is solid and successful in terms of generating interest about your brand, good SEO and a great User Interface for your website go a long way. The perfect balance between these two aspects is the key ingredient to a winning content marketing strategy that establishes your reputation as a domain expert.

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