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Costly Mistakes on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn as we all know is no longer just a professional networking site. It has become a powerful tool for businesses. This professional social media site helps in recruiting the right sort of talent, providing a platform for customer engagement, letting employees exchange information and in generating sales.

However, it is easy to go on your LinkedIn small business profile and some of these common mistakes could prove quite expensive in the long run! Here, we list out some of those costly mistakes on LinkedIn that businesses make.

No or inappropriate profile picture:

Adding a profile picture for your business page is an absolute must! Also add a suitable cover image for your business. Upload your company logo as a profile and a picture of your products/services as a cover to help with brand identity.

Do not add inappropriate pictures which could mislead your audience into assuming that you are not serious about your small business. Goofy pictures and photos without copyrights could get your business in serious trouble.

Linking updates via Twitter: It is best to refrain from auto updating your statuses from Twitter. The audience is entirely different in these two sites and your professional network would not like to read tweets and retweets unrelated to your business.

Rather update your status and show your connections that you are an active user and a frequent visitor. If you still want to auto update from Twitter to LinkedIn, make sure you pay attention to what you are tweeting and make sure that it is business related. Refrain from sharing personal views.

Lack of or over participation in group discussions:

The reason why you are on LinkedIn is because you want to expand your professional network. So it is important that you take part in discussions so that people will notice you and your views. At the same time, make sure not to get carried away and participate in group discussions endlessly.

Spamming in groups could prove more detrimental than not participating. Do not shy away from engaging in discussions since it will help you in building a relationship with them. Ensure that you balance your presence in LinkedIn in a smart way!

Employees’ profiles have all or few of the above mistakes:

Spend some time to check the profiles of your employees. There could be similar mistakes in their profiles which could in turn affect your business. Train them on how to do it right, have some sessions on improving the LinkedIn Skills. This will contribute towards an overall development of your business page, hence delivering good results in your business.

Not following competitors:

Following your competitors on LinkedIn can give you access to some good business intelligence. You can build up your strategy based on the information you get from the pages of your competitors. You can also keep a track of who joins and leaves the organization, and you will get an idea of what they are planning to do next when they post jobs on LinkedIn.

Not creating a group for your employees and your customers:

Having a common platform to discuss and share ideas is a great way to interact with your employees. You can exchange ideas or discuss on how to improvise customer service- all in one exclusive group! Create one group for your customers as well and you can be in constant touch with them.

It will heighten the possibilities of a larger engagement with them. You can hear their ideas and feedback and improve the services of your products.

Incomplete or inaccurate profile:

The ideal way for people to know more about you and your business is by reading your summary. It is the most crucial part in your profile if you want your name to turn up in search results. Also, lack of a profile photo and business details is a big letdown.

Add keywords related to your job and your business which will help your potential business partners and customers to find you. Information about the product or service your small business is selling is critical! Do not skip that or give false details when you talk about them.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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