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De-Coding Facebook Graph Search

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What is Facebook’s Graph Search?

Facebook, yesterday, rolled out Graph Search to everyone who uses the U.S. English Language. Graph Search is a social search engine that allows Facebook users to search topics of their interest based on existing friends and connections.

Facebook says, “Graph Search helps people explore Facebook in a whole new way. Its results are personalized for you, just like News Feed is unique to you.

For example, if you search for Photos of Tokyo, you’ll see photos friends took in Tokyo and shared with you, as well as Public photos related to Tokyo. This means if 2 people search “Photos of my friends in Tokyo,” they’re going to see different results.”

How do I use Graph Search? Graph Search is available to people using Facebook in English (US) for desktop only. It is still not available on mobile phones. Use graph search by:

• Clicking on the search bar at the top of the page

• Type your search (Ex: Entrepreneurs in India). See examples of things you can search for with Graph Search

• As you type, a list of search suggestions will appear below the search bar

• Choose one of the suggested options or finish typing and hit Enter How Can You Leverage Facebook’s Graph Search for Your Brand?

1. You can find out how many of your own connections ‘like’ your page. This will help to decide whether you would like to invite the others too to your page.

Likes on your Page

2. Find out about the other pages they like so that you can suitably make changes in your page’s content to appeal to a wide range of audience.

Friends who Like

3. Facebook Graph Search also allows you more information on the people who have liked your page, i.e., your fans. Now this is something that you have always wanted to do since the information would enable you to make more focussed content/posts. Here is finally the way. Now you can find out the other pages they like, the type of content they follow, which apps they use, etc

People who Like

4. Make focused searches to target more people in the same line of interest as your product.


Key in combined keywords for things to use Graph Search better. You can combine phrases together, or add things like locations, time-frames, likes and interests to get more specific information. In course of time, more content that you’re able to see on Facebook may be added to these search results, such as posts, comments or events. You can use Graph Search to perform a web search by typing in web search before your search keywords. You may also see suggested web searches pop up as you search normally. Was this article helpful? Do let us know.

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