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Does Your Marketing Message stand out?

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Messaging for any business has to be strong enough to attract the potential customer as well as hold their attention. Every business tries various strategies and channels to grab the viewer’s attention and covert them into prospective customers. In a highly competitive business environment, your core marketing message could get lost in the crowd. In order to stand out, your business must have an effective and strong marketing message that’s unique and different from your competitors.

Read on to find out ways in which you can ensure that your marketing message is reaching your customers.

1. Branding is crucial. Your brand should be able to capture your potential audience’s attention and encourage them to take the next step.

Branding can make your small business look professional and trustworthy, and establish you as a front-runner in your field, without any advertising or marketing cost. Branding also gives your business an identity and personality, by which your customers will be able to identify and connect with you.

2. Analyze your closest competitors in your field and ensure that your marketing message is distinct and different from theirs. You do not want to lose your customers to your competitors because of the similarly in the message.

Ensure that your brand colours, design and other elements are unique and attractive. Explore strategies in-store and also online that can make your message feel distinct.

3. Always highlight your UVP in all your marketing communication. Your business should have at least one unique service, which others are not offering. Tell the consumer what makes your business different from the others in the most appealing way. You will be able to build your business around this unique offering, to finally become a leader in your field.

4. Simplify your message. Too many marketing messages can put off your potential audience. Make sure your messages are clear and to the point. The customer should be able to understand the message immediately, therefore it is important to keep the communication simple. Ensure that you use a compelling Call-to-Action in your promotional messaging that spurs the consumer into action.

5. Cross media marketing can help a small business market themselves and gain visibility. This can combine tailor-made personalized messages across the various types of media, like online advertising, SMS, email and others to communicate and engage your niche target audience. Identity your target audience and chose the mediums which will help you reach them better.

The more your audience hears about your marketing message, the more likely it will resonate and spread. It is essential to keep your audience in mind.

E.g. It would be a waste of your resources if you create a mobile app but find that a majority of your TG use feature phone. An efficient marketing message is designed to promote business, improve customer relations and attract your potential audience.

The main goal of a marketing message should be to drive your niche audience to do business with you rather than your competitors. If you have taken care of all these points in your marketing message, then you are going in the right direction.

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