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Exploring Instagram as a Marketing Channel

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You may be using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your blog among others as a marketing channel, as part of your social media strategy. Then do you need Instagram? Here’s why you should consider using Instagram as a marketing channel for promoting your business – it is to say the least, the future of social media marketing.

The growth Instagram:

Instagram has registered a growth that is much higher than any other social media platform. In just three years, they have grown to 150 million users. This is a faster growth trajectory when compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

High visibility of posts: Instagram posts, unlike other marketing channel have high levels of engagement with the high visibility of their posts. There’s no algorithm that selectively showcases your posts. Every single one of your posts will appear in the feeds of every single one of your followers and based on the hashtag, your visibility to new users will also be determined.

Strategic use of hashtags can significantly boost the exposure of your posts to new users who will like and comment on your posts and who may even follow you as a result.

High levels of engagement: The ratio and number of likes and comments on Instagram posts significantly surpasses the ratio and number of likes and comments on any other social media site or marketing channel. Visual marketing has always been very much more effective to market any business as compared to plain text-based social media marketing.

Visual marketing: Unlike the boring text based social media posts, Instagram provides for an interactive picture based platform which automatically gives you more engagement as compared to the other platforms. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. People barely read text heavy adverts these days – they prefer the more engaging visual content and as a business owner you need to take advantage of that.

Emotional connection: Photos immediately convey emotions. Using the right emotional connect drastically increases your engagement and helps you reach your pre-decided marketing goals. You can easily use your posts to evoke powerful emotions in your audience. E.g. If you want people to donate to your non-profit venture, use images that portray the desire to participate and donate.

There are lots of perks that Instagram can generate for your business. Instagram offers an excellent opportunity for your brand to diversify your content as a means to broaden your online reach. If you haven’t created an Instagram account for your business, it’s best time to do it now.

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