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2014-11-05 00:00:00MarketingEnglishCreate a Festive Campaign: The festive season is a great opportunity for companies and brands to engage their target audience. to Create a Festive Campaign

How to Create a Festive Campaign

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The festive season is a great opportunity for companies and brands to engage their target audience and tap into the festive season to create campaigns that could translate into leads.

The festive season typically sees a lot of people spending more, so it presents excellent opportunities for brands to get creative with their marketing strategies to target the maximum percentage of their target audience. Here are some of the best ways to create a festive campaign:

1. Email marketing:

Modern consumers largely make their decisions about purchasing a product or using a service online or via mobile. Email marketing is the most effective way to target consumers precisely and accurately. The festive season can enable your company to create interesting content that is valuable, fun and embodying the festive spirit. Focus on key, established customers and delight them with a special offer through email for the festive season.

It could be as simple as a discount coupon or premium product trial for a limited period and could go on to creative ideas such as offering them a free branded gift or tickets to a festive event.

2. Update your marketing materials:

Try branding your company collateral with a festive look for the month. Add a few elements to your website as well to keep with the theme, and update all social channels with relevant content. This will let your audience know that you are running a festive campaign, and make them feel connected to your brand as well. If you are planning to run promotions, create fun and interesting online and offline marketing materials to build buzz around them.

3. Delight your customers:

The festive season is the ideal time to offer your customers a gift, a token of appreciation or a special offer on a product they favor. It is also a way of thanking them for patronizing and supporting your brand and encouraging them to come back to you. You could offer them special vouchers that are branded with a festive look or run an event that will help drive engagement with your audience.

4. Build trust through communication:

A simple but well-thought-out festive greeting – whether it is in the form of an email, a social media post or a banner, can go a long way in building trust. The subject line of your email newsletter is important here – keep it fun and in the spirit of the festival while conveying your key message. The purpose is to build a strong connection with your customers. This is a good time to target older customers who may not have engaged with your brand in a while.

5. Create gifting options:

Festivals are all about gifting and togetherness, and brands can work around this concept to offer a chance for gifting a sample or trial of the product to a friend or family member. This would also work as a way of enabling referrals and building brand awareness via word-of-mouth as well. A festive campaign requires a lot of planning at least a month in advance. These are some of the key elements that you can focus on while designing a festive campaign to connect better with your target audience.

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