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2013-03-27 00:00:00MarketingEnglish To Launch A Product Using Social Media?

How To Launch A Product Using Social Media?

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Launching a product through social-media gives has become a fad with a number of brands/products these days. Availability of different engagement metrics, measurement tools make it an extremely popular medium to build consumer interest and generate buzz for the launch Let’s discuss product launches via platforms that have caught the marketer’s attention:


The social-networking giant, Facebook, has long been a favorite platform for marketers to launch their new product. It is because of the humongous number of active users of FB, the friendly features like Like, Comment and Share.

Tap in Facebook users by attracting ‘fans’ for your Facebook Page. You can either conduct a Facebook contest on your page or build a customized app, through which your customers can apply for a free sample of your product. Giving away free samples has always been a successful technique of generating buzz around the product, and Facebook is no exception.

Make interesting updates related to the product to build adequate excitement — slowly reveal details about the product and asking your fans to make wild guesses. Time the contest/updates well so that you can maximize on the product launch. You can measure the buzz created in terms of how many people are liking, commenting and sharing your everyday updates. Hence, when the buzz is one its peak, you can launch your product through Facebook.


Twitter is the second most popular social network for marketers — it has proven to be one of the most successful tools for generating buzz and product launch. The main advantage of Twitter is that conversations about a particular brand or product can be aggregated under a Hashtag (#), that makes it easy for marketers to measure the interactions around their product.

A high volume of tweets around your hashtag can also get you in ‘Trending Topics’. The launch of your product, when you are trending in Twitter, will get a number of eyeballs around your product and brand.

Website & Blog:

There might be some situations, where you won’t be able to convey a message through posts or tweets. Your website and blog comes handy in such situations. Build a story around your product launch and pass the link through your different social media channels. A story with share-worthy content is bound to create more awareness among the users who haven’t heard about your product or brand before.

Over and above these tools, there are others tools like Pinterest, Slideshare and YouTube which small-businesses can make use of to build the excitement around and launch the product. However, remember, no matter how many social platforms you use, make sure they are integrated in such a manner that it does not confuse users.

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