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Introduction to Online Display Advertising

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An advertisement is a marketing tool for communicating with your audience and influencing them to purchase your product/ service. However can ads be interactive, informative and entertaining at the same time? Yes. This is all possible with the help of Display Advertising. In fact display advertising pulls people to the content unlike the traditional advertising which pushes content to the people.

Display advertising works well when compared to traditional form of advertising as we could target them to the niche set of audience and measure the ROI as well. Read on to know more about display advertising and how it works: The different types of Display Ads are • Static Ads • Animated Ads • Interactive Ads • Video Ads • Expanding Ads

Static Ads is the form of a display ad which generally comprises of image and text with a back-link to the advertiser’s website.

Animated Ads: Animated Ad is a type of display ads which are generally created in flash format of small file size. The whole ad could be animated or a part of it could be animated which purely depends upon the context.

Interactive Ads: Interactive Ads can appear in multiple formats. It could appear as a game (e.g. shoot the head, hit the dart with your arrow etc) or in the format of a form (where user could give details such as e-mail id and phone number) or any other concept which could co-relate to the services provided by the advertisers.

Here the user the will be able to communicate with the ad either by typing something or by finishing the task assigned by the advertiser (Like shoot the head) and in the end will be taken to the advertiser’s website.

Video Ads: Video Ads are the videos by the advertisers which sometimes play automatically when the browser is loaded or plays on response given by the user. Some of the videos have a playback control where most of them don’t but all of them provide a link to the advertiser’s website. It can appear in any size and in any part of the page which purely depends upon the budget and requirement by the advertiser.

Expanding Ads: Expanding Ads are rich in media and could expand beyond the original size of an ad following an action initiated by the user. These ads could start as a static image and go on to display a product category which when clicked takes the user to the advertiser’s website.

These ads are highly informative, interactive and give a lot of information to the user even before he/she visits the advertiser’s website.

How should you go about display advertising?

• Get in touch with the owners of the websites in which we are willing to put your display ads about the prices for different sizes and location of the ads in their website.

• Utilize the services of display Ad networks like ‘Google Doubleclick’ to post your ads on publisher sites associated with them • Exchange banner advertisements with relevant sites/partners.

How to pay for the ads?

You may opt for any of the following:

• CPC (Cost per click): You will be charged only when a user clicks on your ad

• CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions): You will be charged on the basis of a number of impressions the ad made.

• Certain publishers also have CPL (Cost per Lead) option where you will be charged on the number of leads generated.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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