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Join the Flock: The Basics of Twitter Ads

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Twitter’s biggest advantage in business is that it is the space it creates for engaging, real-time dialogues between brands and their customers. Being the second largest social network in terms of usage, the playground is huge for digital and social media campaigns. Marketing and re-marketing strategies work excellently on Twitter and one can look to creating specific brand connect and securing brand loyalties.

The boom is mobile networking is an added advantage with the primary chunk of Twitter users accessing the network from their mobile phones. This has created a space for marketers and advertisers to bombard their consumers with their brand presence irrespective of time and place.

Choosing the Right Content :

Getting your content right is mandatory. Your content strategy can make or break your business depending on whether you can spark conversations or repel your consumers. Twitter itself has stated that almost 60% of respondents have purchased from an SMB because of Twitter. Twitter also provides you with three options to promote your brand, products and services.

They are Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends. While the first two are Self-serve Ads which can be customised and executed by the advertiser, the third one is a Fixed Buy Ad which can be bought only for a fixed number of impressions directly from Twitter.

Promoted Tweets:

This is your biggest tool for strategizing content. Promoted Tweets are integral parts of building your brand presence and targeting real-time dialogues with your consumers. You can promote offers, engage in customer service and building a customer base, small-scale digital product launches, as well as offering a route of directly building brand loyalty.

You can opt for Promoted Tweets from the Twitter Advertising Dashboard, which subsequently also gives you an option for Keyword Targeting. Depending on your campaign and other promotional factors, it gives you the option to ‘Expand Your Reach’ where it suggests a host of keyword you can target. This targeting is exclusive only to Promoted Tweets. There are a few other targeting methods which we will discuss under the next sub-head.

Promoted Accounts:

This is a tool to exclusively build your consumer base and increase brand loyalty. This Self-serve Ad option helps brand use refined targeting methods to increase the base of followers and potential consumers. Promoted Accounts are proven to facilitate faster expansion of the brand handle. A higher ratio of Followers to Following is what brands primarily target.

There are three refined targeting tools you can use. Targeting your audience on the basis of ‘Interests and Followers’ enable you to target Twitter Handles based on 350 pre-defined interest categories. As mentioned previously, the ‘Expand Your Reach’ option allows these targeting options and selecting the ‘Follower’ option will show you suggestions made by Twitter of handles similar to the ones you have selected. Audience List targeting is an option you can opt for only via third party tools since this is still unavailable in India.

This targeting allows you to select and create your Followers’ base on the basis of Twitter IDs, email addresses and cookie IDs. This is a very specific targeting method which can be used to your business’ advantage. You can also use ‘Geographic’ and ‘Demographic’ targeting. While the first option allows you to tailor your Audience List on the basis of location while the latter targets gender and language preferences.

You can also target you audience based on the devices they use such as mobiles, tablets, and desktop as well as different platforms.

Promoted Trends:

Promoted Trends is a Fixed Buy option from Twitter for promoting your Hashtag. This a tool that places you on the top of the trend list for twenty-four hours. Promoted Trends have a proven track record of increasing brand conversations by 22% and Retweets by 32%.

Promoted Trends are perfect to get people talking about your brand and creating a firm presence on the digital space. Promoted Trends are known for their long-term impacts in building your brand’s presence with official Twitter community acknowledging almost a 20% increase brand mention in the weeks that follow.

Your campaign is trended countrywide with pre-decided impressions by Twitter on work for one day. Twitter has proven itself time and again in building engaging brand presences. With real-time conversations stealing the show, the network has been growing as a popular choice among digital marketers over the last three years. And getting started with Twitter’s advertising tools is easy as well as it adds the benefit of being pretty cost-effective. So go ahead, becoming the next big thing is just a few steps away.

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