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Make an Instructional Video for your Business

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YouTube is currently the biggest video platform in the world, with over 16 million visitors a day. Today, most brands and businesses have also started promoting themselves and their services on YouTube. In addition, a lot of brands and companies have also started adding a video to their homepage that sums up what the business is about in a visually appealing manner.

Video is a powerful medium that can instruct, inform and entertain at the same time. It’s a good idea to make an instructional video for your business in order to educate your users about your product features, and to bring out the uniqueness of what you offer. Invest in a quality how-to video, or a ‘what do we really do’ video that subtly brings out what you want to convey about your product.

Often, building a story or an interesting idea through a video is a great way to get people curious and interested in your product. A few ideas and tips for your company to create a video around are:

1. Build a story around a testimonial: Ask people about how your products or services helped them overcome an issue, improve their experience or get a new one. Build an interesting and fun story around it – a great way to generate curiosity, buzz and interest in your product.

2. Explain your product: A how-to video is a great way to simplify your overall user experience and make visitors to your website or first-time users of your product feel more welcome. Use infographic elements, or cartoons or a step-by-step illustration of your product through video to bring it to life.

3. Share knowledge: You could also share ‘secret’ or ‘lesser-known’ features of your product or service in the form of an informative video, or the science behind your initial idea and vision to make users more interested in what you have to say. This will also establish you as an expert in the domain.

4. Promote events or offers: Got a special tie-up, promotion, a new feature launch or an upcoming event related to your product? Design a fun video that summarizes what you’re trying to promote. Use interesting graphic elements, transitions and creative concepts to make people interested to know more and look forward to it.

5. Be crisp and concise: Keep your video between 1 to 4 minutes duration at the maximum. You wouldn’t want to get into the minute details or bore your viewers. The challenge is to create interesting content about your company or product and put it together appealingly in the form of a video for your target audience to view.

6. Use the right keywords: Increase the visibility of your video by using the most appropriate and SEO-friendly keywords and title options, as well as the descriptions. Promote it on your social channels and try to include it in other communication efforts such as when you send out email newsletters.

Creating a video that explains your business or product creatively is one of the best ways to increase the reach and visibility of your business. Set aside a realistic budget for it and ensure you weave a story or process that will pique the interest of your target audience.

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