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Myths About Social Media Marketing Busted

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Social Media has since long proved itself more than just Facebook or a chatting platform. It has evolved into something more powerful and substantial. It is an effective medium to share and express your thoughts and opinions.

Hence, not only individuals but small businesses and large enterprises too have started exploiting social media for their brand recognition and promotion. But as is the case with any technology; that when it gains popularity some people taste success while some, disappointment.

This disappointment in turn gives rise to wrong beliefs and myths. Here we have compiled a list of some myths of social media marketing that we will bust one by one:

Social Media Marketing requires constant updates

It’s true that a social media site with no updates is a dead one. If there is no contribution, there is no participation and reciprocation. But it’s no excuse to fill up your Facebook wall or flood your Twitter. Remember, too many updates will hardly give the opportunity to your followers to see a particular post. Secondly, overexposure leads to saturation.

Hence, instead of stuffing your social media sites with lots of content; try to focus on the quality of the content. Content should be relevant, informative, engaging, and sharable.

Social Media Marketing = Amass followers

People think that the measures of success on social channels are Likes, Shares, Tags, Subscribes, Mentions, Retweets, Followers, etc. Having thousands of Likes sure looks impressive, but is it really a true barometer to gauge your small business’s popularity or success? Most often than not, it means people mindlessly hitting on the button.

You don’t want an audience who is just hitting a thumbs-up button every time you share a feed. You want them to participate, spread the campaign, recommend others, provide feedback on your products and purchase them.

Social Media Marketing is simple and easy This myth about social media marketing is one of the biggest ones. People have this illusion that social media marketing is simple and easy. Truth be told, social media marketing is not a job you can do during your coffee breaks. It requires much time, dexterity and nimbleness.

Successful social media marketing require the following things:

• Content plays an equally important role, if not more, in establishing your brand recognition. Hence, create creative content so that people find it interesting enough to read it, comment on it and share it.

• Create customized content for multiple networks. • Invest in SEO and media optimization. • Hire a professional if you think your internal team can’t handle it.

Social Media Marketing is Free

Social media is free to join but like any other marketing channel, you will need to invest some resources to reap the benefits of social media marketing. • Creating content, posting, optimizing, and circulating it on multiple networks, requires a lot of time and creative resource.

• There are free managing tools available but they are not always adequate. Hence, social media marketing requires an intelligent and experienced professional for managing data flare-ups.

• Premium tools for modifying, controlling social media are not free. • Commenting and posting on Facebook, twitter, etc. may not cost anything, but an effective social media campaign or sustaining it over a period involves investment.

Social Media is too difficult to measure

Marketers are learning that social media is not only about creating brand awareness or influencing perception but it can actually be used for revenue generation. You can measure the effectiveness of your social media activities; what you will need are appropriate tools for it.

With closed-loop reporting, you can identify exactly how much traffic social media drives to your social media website, how many leads social media generates, and how many of those leads convert into your customers.

Now, you can even calculate the average cost-per-lead and customer across individual social media channels and/or in aggregate, the same way you do with every other marketing channel. By overcoming these myths and misconceptions, you can surely augment your social media ROI.

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