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2016-12-06 00:00:00MarketingEnglishNew Age of Marketing: The world of marketing and promotions is an ever-evolving one. With quick turnarounds becoming more prevalent.’s a New Age of Marketing: Have You Tried Agile Marketing?

It’s a New Age of Marketing: Have You Tried Agile Marketing?

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The world of marketing and promotions is an ever-evolving one. With quick turnarounds becoming more prevalent, you will be required to keep up with emerging trends of marketing techniques to avoid losing out on revenues from promotions.

So, what can you do to make the most of your marketing? The answer is Agile Marketing – a tactic that prioritizes adapting to changes and breaking down goals at every leg of a campaign, rather than making one exhaustive strategy.

The concept of this type of marketing tactic originated from software development practices that advise the practitioner to be flexible with new ideas.

This marketing methodology is not difficult to implement. You can speed up your work process and simplify it too. Agile Marketing is not difficult to understand; although few may be aware of it. This technique can be adopted using the following tactics:

  • Segregating your marketing strategy into shorter legs with multiple tertiary goals rather than one end-goal
  • Monitoring your campaign at each leg to assess your progress and adopting the results in the next to improve them
  • Creating multiple teams to handle each aspect of your campaign such as strategy, execution, tracking and reviewing

An annual study by VersionOne found that Agile Marketing can increase your ability to manage to change priorities by 87%, team productivity by 85% and improve your project visibility by 84%. Agile Marketing makes your campaign more effective without increasing the workload. It can do a whole lot of good for your business:

  • You can achieve your goals better with more accuracy – this happens when you analyze your short-term goals and implement the results in the next leg of the campaign
  • Monitoring your campaign will be easier with increased visibility and capability to track the status of your progress
  • Work can be prioritized based on your timelines, resources available and your working capacity
  • Overall productivity will increase at the workplace with small teams handling a particular aspect of the campaign. This also includes feedback among the teams which helps each team to work even better, improving communication
  • Your promotions will be dynamic enough to match steps with the newer trends in the industry – you will be able to adhere to industry standards, maintain your competitive status and keep up with transforming campaign requirements, while also maintaining your revenue
  • Customers’ perspectives and needs change with industry trends, and Agile Marketing will help you deliver optimum customer satisfaction by being able to keep up with their demands

Your business can jump onto the Agile Marketing bandwagon to stay up-to-date with the market. To kick start an Agile Marketing campaign, you should plan a ‘sprint’ – a short period dedicated to achieving certain targets. The sprint is a flexible period, involved in analyzing metrics, inter-team feedback, changing workflow basis results and finally improving each goal.

In order, to run an Agile Marketing campaign, you will need to follow these basic steps:

  1. Plan the sprint exhaustively by breaking down your goals into as many smaller ones as possible. Layout a strategy for executing each tertiary goal, the communication involved, the deadlines, the resources required and the team working on it
  2. Organise ‘scrums’ – team meetings – every day for a specific duration to analyse the progress. Attempt to adopt the progress reports on a daily basis into your workflow and chalk out a timeline for measuring the improvement
  3. Execute the ‘sprint’ will full effect, but also following the basic principles of flexibility and change with the results. Allow your teams to work to their full potential with creative freedom and encourage them to assist each other with feedback. You can consider using project management software to track work status and results as well, besides the numerous agile marketing tools which assist you with setting goals, organize ‘scrums’, plan communication and much more

A dynamic brand can seamlessly sail through the constantly changing marketing trends. And with Agile Marketing coming to the rescue, your business can look towards maintaining consistency in operations and profits.

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